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Dark Sun Ever Mindful of D&D Psionics


D&D psionicsLike Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nate the Nerdarch mention in the video above, psionics has been a part of Dungeons & Dragons since 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. In the interest of utmost accuracy, the supernatural power of psionics were first introduced to D&D in Eldritch Wizardry, a 1976 supplemental rulebook for the original edition. Also of note are the other now-iconic facets of D&D included in that 60-page digest: the druid class, demons and demon lords like Orcus and Demogorgon, mind flayers, and artifacts like the Rod of Seven Parts and Axe of the Dwarvish Lords.

With those bits of long forgotten secrets behind us now, let’s turn our clairsentience to the future. Based on hints and bits of information shared through social media and in interviews, a fifth edition D&D iteration of Dark Sun is almost certain.

We’ve already got the mystic class available through the Dungeon Master’s Guild, giving D&D players the opportunity to utilize the awesome power of psionics in D&D 5E.

Now we only await the introduction of the sun-scorched setting of Dark Sun. Continue reading Dark Sun Ever Mindful of D&D Psionics

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D&D Adventurers League Community Manager in the house

Nerdarchist Dave and Assistant Web Editor Doug, coming off of Origins Game Fair, welcomed D&D Adventurers League Community Manager Robert Adducci for a live chat. The Nerdarchy team at Origins met Adducci and many other great people there, and were happy to have him join us to talk nerdy for an afternoon.

D&D Adventurers League communityAdventurers League is the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons organized play program. It offers a way for people to get involved in a larger campaign and community. Previously limited to in-store play, the program has widened to include conventions and even home games – as long as the DM abides by Adventurers League rules.

These rules are essentially the standard D&D rules. There are a few elements specific to Adventurers League play designed to maintain a consistent experience across the board. That way, Adventurers League players know what to expect no matter where they take their characters and log sheets for Adventurers League games. Continue reading D&D Adventurers League Community Manager in the house

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Top 5 D&D Campaign Settings and Forgotten Realms is NOT on the List

D&D campaign settings

Hello Nerdarchy reader and well met. Nerdarchist Dave here to discuss my top 5 picks for D&D campaign settings through out my 30+ years of the game. First and foremost we will be skipping Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms. I find these to be the most generic of D&D campaign settings. They could literally be anyone’s home brew game, Oh wait Forgotten Realms was Ed Greenwood’s.

Now nothing against those settings it’s just there isn’t anything really different in them. The only reason Forgotten Realms is interesting at all is because of the amount of detail that has gone into it, with tons of authors having written in that setting. Even with all of that it strikes as being incredibly generic. Personally if I’m going to play in a generic setting I’d rather just run my own home brew. Continue reading Top 5 D&D Campaign Settings and Forgotten Realms is NOT on the List

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The Desert world of Athas – The campaign setting Dark Sun

dungeons and dragons
Dark Sun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Nerdarchy friends, Nerdarchist Ted here to talk about Dungeons and Dragons Campaign settings.

Today I would like to talk about Dark Sun or the desert world of Athas.

With most Dungeons and Dragons campaign settings the world is mostly good.

That is not the case in Dark Sun.

In most campaign settings Magic is prevelant and not harmful at its core.  In the desert world of Athas magic destroys life just by being cast. Continue reading The Desert world of Athas – The campaign setting Dark Sun