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Start coin collecting on the cheap with wheat pennies

Wheat Penny (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wheat pennies are a common collector’s item because they usually aren’t difficult to find, sometimes still turning up in change today, and they normally don’t cost very much.

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A former newspaper editor for two decades in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky, Ty now earns his lunch money as a fiction writer, mostly in the fantasy and horror genres. In his free time he enjoys tabletop and video gaming, long swording, target shooting, reading, beer tasting and recalling fond memories of his late wife and their beagle baby, Lily. Find City of Rogues and other books and e-books by Ty Johnston at Amazon.
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Board Games in Review – Dragon Slayer – The Dice Game with a Twist

dragon slayerIts Monday, so you know what that means.  It is time for another board game.  Today I want to talk about a cool dice game that I recently acquired.  Dragon Slayer, the dice game with a twist.  Last week I did Quadrillion.  You can check out that article here.

Taken from the rules sheet:  ” You are the world’s most fearless dragon slayers, competing to be crowned the master slayer.  Your brave warrior must search far and wide for these ferocious beasts, defend yourself against its attacks and be ever ready to strike them down.  Even in victory your companions may challenge your courage, demanding that you prove your valor with foolhardy audacity or cower in their mocking taunts.”

Are You Brave enough to be called Dragon Slayer?

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The nerd is strong in this one. I received my bachelors degree in communication with a specialization in Radio/TV/Film. I have been a table op role player for about 20 years 17 of which with the current group. I have played several itterations of D&D, Mutants and Masterminds 2nd and 3rd editions, Star wars RPG, Shadowrun and World of Darkness. I am an avid fan of books and follow a few authors reading all they write. Favorite author is Jim Butcher I have been an on/off larper for around 15 years even doing a stretch of running my own for a while. I have played a number of Miniature games including Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Heroscape, Mage Knight, Dreamblade and D&D Miniatures. I have practiced with the art of the German long sword with an ARMA group for over 7 years studying the German long sword, sword and buckler, dagger, axe and polearm. By no strecth of the imagination am I an expert but good enough to last longer than the average person if the Zombie apocalypse ever happens. I am an avid fan of board games and dice games with my current favorite being Quarrios.