Open Legend RPG character build – Roz Rakheta

Open Legend character build from concept to gameplay As a relatively new staff writer for the opportunity to join my colleagues William C. (aka Professor Bill from Comic Book University), Megan R. Miller, editor-in-chief Ty Johnston and Nerdarchist … Read More

Character Build for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition- The Archer or Crossbow man in This Case

- 4

Hello and welcome Nerdarchist Dave here. Today we are doing a character build for an archer character using the seven steps I had laid out previously.  Those seven steps are- race, class, background, ability scores, weapon, archetype, and feats. 1st … Read More

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Character Build – Human Tempest Cleric 1st and 7th level

- 1

 I started this character, Teslanon Stormchaser for a 5E “Meat grinder” in Planescape  run by SR2Joker for the November Brigadecon. My fellow Nerdarchist, Ted, has gone through clerics in general and has also discussed a different human cleric character build … Read More

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