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Origins 2017 – game convention from a new perspective

Attending a game convention is not new territory for me. Fresh off of Origins 2017 in Columbus, Ohio, the gaming juice runs at an all-time high and I’m pumped to plow forward with gusto on as a fan of tabletop roleplaying games as well as a savvy up-and-coming Nerdarchy aide-de-camp.

My first game convention was, coincidentally, Origins Game Fair back in the early 90s when civilization was at its peak. I’ll never forget inadvertently joining a world championship tournament of Diplomacy, having never played the game. For about an hour I had my opponents thinking I was some kind of savant, making bewildering moves they’d never seen. Then they realized my cluelessness and my stint as a global leader quickly ended. Continue reading Origins 2017 – game convention from a new perspective

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Origins Game Fair 2017: A Nerdarchy report

Like a lot of people, I recently attended the 2017 Origins Game Fair convention in Columbus, Ohio. Like a lot of people, I spent days upon days walking and milling about the multitudes of rooms and halls that made up the convention, from the Exhibit Hall to the Gaming Hall to the Mayfair Room, the Catan Room, the Wizards of the Coast Jungle room, etc. Unlike a lot of people, I did not play any games at this year’s Origins; it wasn’t that I wasn’t interested, but that I did not have the time as I had other goals in mind, though often those goals were related to gaming. Still, I got to see a lot and meet a lot of people, as well as purchase plenty of goodies, so I thought I’d share some of my experience. Continue reading Origins Game Fair 2017: A Nerdarchy report

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Barnes and Noble bookstores to offer gaming nights

lex store
This Barnes and Noble bookstore in Lexington, KY, will be one of 57 to host gaming nights this month.

Each Thursday this month 57 Barnes and Noble bookstores throughout the U.S. will be hosting game nights from 7 p.m. until the individual store’s closing hours, according to Publisher Services Inc., a distributor of toys, games, collectibles and other items.

A different game will be played each of the five Thursdays. In order of play schedule, the games are King of Tokyo, Sheriff of Nottingham, Splendor, Codenames, and Lanterns: the Harvest Festival. Players who attend will also receive a variety of free items, from cards to tiles, a play mat, perhaps more.

So, this isn’t an open gaming night in which you can just show up with your regular D&D crowd and start rolling dice, or with your Magic the Gathering buds. Still, if these game nights prove popular, perhaps in the future Barnes and Noble will allow for other types of gaming. In fact, Barnes and Noble already is looking to expand its game nights beyond just the 57 stores, perhaps to all its bookstores. Continue reading Barnes and Noble bookstores to offer gaming nights

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Board Games in Review – Red Dragon Inn

red dragon InnHello and Happy Monday everyone.  I had a chance this weekend for Nerdarchy to play a new game: Red Dragon Inn.  And it was a fun time.

Red Dragon Inn is the game of what happens in the Inn after the adventure is over.  There are two components to the game. You have gold, and you need gold to drink and gamble as well as your alcohol and fortitude. If you run out of gold you stumble off to bed, if your alcohol level ever meets or exceeds your fortitude you pass out drunk and the Inn and party members take your gold.

Save Your Gold in Red Dragon Inn

Continue reading Board Games in Review – Red Dragon Inn