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E 11- YR 1 Hunted By The Ultimate Apex Predator The Bulette Dungeons And Dragons Monsters Podcast



Welcome to another episode of Nerdarchy Year One Podcast. This time it’s an all monster episode. We delve into one of my favorite Dungeons and Dragons Monsters the Bulette. These guys are so fearsome and terrifying creatures that have been in all the editions of Dungeons and Dragons appearing in every monster manual.


Hunted By The Ultimate Apex Predator The Bulette| Dungeons and Dragons Monsters

In this episode Nerdarchist Ted and I delve into one of our favorite dungeons and dragons monsters the bulette. Nerdacist Ted even wrote an article on using the bulette in your dungeons and dragons game over at the Nerdarchy website.
This monster is truly terrifying. You can’t sneak up on it, it will sneak up on you, and it’s fast so running away isn’t a good option either. The bulette is also a prime example of early D&D where a lot of the monster concepts ended with probably created in the lab of a mad wizard.
Feel free to let us know what you think of the Bulette or what dungeons and dragons monsters you’d like us to cover next.



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Dungeons and Dragons Monsters| Bulette Also Known As The LandShark

Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

Hello my fans out there, It is I Nerdarchist Ted with another exciting edition of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters.

Today we are going to talk about the Burrowing Bulette (pronounced boo-lay). The Bulette is a magical beast and is commonly referred to as a land shark.

It has the ability to burrow in soft soil and actually has a burrow speed. Now though it posses an animal intelligence and has its similarities to trolls in that it only lives to eat and breed. You need not use it as a mindless strait forward killing machine. Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons Monsters| Bulette Also Known As The LandShark