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Writers: Coping with negative reviews

writers writerDealing with negative reviews

If you are a short story writer or a novelist or even a non-fiction writer, not everyone is going to appreciate your work. In fact, some folks might downright hate it. And a lot of them are very vocal, especially online. They might write reviews on Amazon, or they might write reviews for other Web sites having to do with books, publishing, writing, etc.

Some of the reviews are going to make you angry. Why couldn’t that idiot see the genius of what you were doing? Some reviews might make you sad. Why did that reviewer have to be a meany and hurt your feelings when they don’t even know you?

It happens. The best advice I can give is to get over it. Everyone has their opinions, and not all of them are going to match with yours.

If you’re overly touchy about your writing, don’t even bother reading the reviews. Just stay away from them. If you can hack it, then go ahead and read the reviews, take any positive criticism you can find, remember to put it to work in the future if you can, and move on.

That’s the best thing you can do. Sulking about reviews isn’t going to help get your next story or article written. Crying over reviews is only going to hurt and stilt your potential.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that if you have plenty of reviews, negative and possibly positive, which mention or focus upon a particular matter, then perhaps you should pay attention. Maybe it’s something you need to work on in your writing.

Just remember, human beings often have a capacity to focus on the negative. For every bad review you might receive, there were probably 20 people who liked your story or book just fine, but they didn’t comment. It might seem unfair, but it’s often how life works.

And remember, you can help out others by leaving positive reviews for books and stories you’ve read. What goes around comes around, the old saying goes, and maybe a little of that will come back to you.

One last thing: Always keep in mind that not everything you write is for everyone. For example, if you write in one particular genre, fans of another genre aren’t necessarily going to like your work (though they might). If you write with a particular political, social, intellectual or religious slant, you’re definitely not going to make everyone happy. None of that means you shouldn’t write. It means you just need to be aware of your audience and that you shouldn’t try to make everyone happy.

After all, you can’t make everyone happy, you can’t make everyone love your writing. So don’t focus on the negatives. Instead, focus on becoming a better writer.

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Looking for a Few Good Nerds for Nerdarchy’s Subreddit on Reddit

Nate the Nerdarch is looking for a few good nerds for Nerdarchy ‘s subreddit on reddit. If that sentence excited you but you don’t know what is a subreddit or a reddit that’s okay.

Looking for a Few Good Nerds for Nerdarchy 's Subreddit on Reddit  MIB reading newspaperReddit is a site that claims the title of “Front Page of the Internet” and if the internet was akin to a monstrous newspaper then they are close to the truth.

Going with this line of thinking one could say that a subreddit is the “Local” , “Business” or “Editorial” section of the newspaper called reddit.

I, Nate the Nerdarch, am Nerdarchy’s subreddit moderator and I need some help.

A moderator is the editor of their particular subreddit. They decide what prints and what doesn’t.

This article is a help wanted ad for people who want to submit geeky, nerdy content that the rest of the Nerdarchy readership will see when they visit our subreddit, Nerdarchy: How to Stay Nerdy.

Reddit has rules concerning posts that one should read before submitting. Each subreddit usually has their own requirements. Below are Nerdarchy’s subreddit rules for submitting posts and links.

“To give you an idea of our normal submissions. While this is not a Dungeons and Dragons subreddit many of the submitters do play. While this is not an anime page some of us watch it. While this is not a knitters club… wait… okay… if you knit Mario hats or Cthulhu scarves that works but no sweaters with bunnies on it.

Looking for a Few Good Nerds for Nerdarchy's Subreddit on Reddit  Unless that bunny is wearing terminator armor, or has a sword, or is the one from Monty Python. I hope that cleared it up. Just stick to nerdy, geeky things and we will be fine, just fine.”

I will add that the nerdy/ geeky content needs to be way higher than the cursing/ lewdness/ skin content. There is a NSFW (not safe for work) tag that is very important in helping people stay employed by not viewing that particular content during their lunch break at their desk.

So if you submit a link to a podcast from guys who curse a lot make sure you label it NSFW. So if you feel that the Nerd/ Geek side is high but it has cursing or lewdness in it make sure it is labeled NSFW.

Looking for a Few Good Nerds for Nerdarchy’s Subreddit on Reddit

Last thing to keep in mind for submissions is the Nerdarchy guidelines for taking part in the conversation that is the subreddit.

“1st: Check out the reddiquette for posting and comments.

2nd: Don’t Panic! The Nerdarchy does not digitally exile people from the Nerdarchy for the first offense. Nerdarchy will not fine you for speaking out passionately for any geeky, nerdy discipline.

3rd: We all have our likes and dislikes within the nerd-dom. One thing that is considered an offense to the Nerdarchy is nerd on nerd hate. If you do like something, say why. If you don’t like something say why in a tactful manner. Please treat others like you will have to see them sometime later and not get spit on or get Medusa glares.

4th: Sarcasm is for in-person conversations amongst friends and enemies. If you believe that sarcasm is the best mode for getting your wit across then keep in mind that other redditors don’t see your face or hear your voice (the primary ways that another person can figure out that you are being sarcastic).

The major purpose to use sarcasm is to mock or to convey contempt. Questions why we prefer you use other means to convey your thoughts? Then reread the 3rd part of these guidelines.”

Do you think you have the geeky nerdy credentials to submit articles? Do you have nerdy questions that you think would spark a good conversation? Then come on over to Nerdarchy’s subreddit.