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E13- Yr 1 Lycanthropes Baring Their Fangs and Sharpening Their Claws| Dungeons and Dragons Monsters Podcast



Our trek through memory lane continues with the Nerdarchy Year One  podcast. We have more Dungeons and Dragons Monsters for you. This time we explore lycanthropes in the D&D game. Men and women cursed to obey savage lusts and compelled by the moon to take on bestial aspects according the lyanthropes animal heritage.

Lycanthropes Baring Their Fangs and Sharping Their Claws| Dungeons and Dragons Monsters

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters|Lycanthropes Baring Their Fangs and Sharping Their Claws- Were-Rats, Were-Boars, And Were-Wolves Oh My
Nerdarchy hangs out to chat about everyone’s favorite dungeons and dragons monsters the were-beasts. Over the years you name it D&D has made a were-creature for it.
When it comes to monsters Dungeons and Dragons has tons of lycanthropes you can throw at your players. Now these monters can challenge characters in your D&D or Pathfinder RPG from 1st level all the way to epic if used carefully in your game.
Feel free to leave your monster and lycanthrope stories in the comments below or if you have dungeons and dragons monsters you’d like us to cover let us know.


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E12- Yr 1 Fear For Your Immortal Soul With Demons and Devils Dungeons and Dragons Monsters Podcast



For this episode of our podcast we will be visiting the lower planes. Demons and Devils have been a staple of Dungeons and Dragons since the very beginning of the game. They’ve created this interesting back drop called the Blood War where the Abyss and Hell are at war with each other.

Nerdarchist Ted and I discuss ways to use demons and devils in your D&D game.

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters Fear For Your Immoral Soul With Demons and Devils

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters Fear For Your Immoral Soul With Demons and Devils
Nerdarchist Ted and I sit down to discuss some of the all time most feared dungeons and dragons monsters demons and Devils. Dungeons and Dragons has produced a lot of material on demons and devils over the years so we try not to rehash that as much as give interesting ways to think of using these diabolic monsters.


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Alignment In Dungeons & Dragons Discussion Nerdarchy Podcast YR 1


Our next offering from Nerdarchy the Podcast consists of four videos from a little alignment series Ted and I did.

Huh What Is It Good For? Part 1| The Dungeons & Dragons Character Alignment

Useless Crutch Or Badass Tool? Part 2| Character Alignment For Dungeons & Dragons

Can A Lawful Good Paladin Murder Evil? Part 3| Dungeons & Dragons Character Alignment

Is It Evil For Your True Neutral Druid…. Part 4| Dungeons & Dragons Character Alignment

We use different examples of things that have come up in our D&D home brew games over the years. We touch on whether or not alignment is still relevant in modern role-playing games.

Or perhaps it is tool that players can still find useful in their D&D game. Many of the more modern RPGs don’t even include an alignment based system any more. Your actions in the game dictate how the world is going to perceive you.

Hopefully whether you are using alignment or not you are forming a characterization of what you are playing as you go. Which is system agnostic Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or Mutants and Masterminds doesn’t really matter role-playing is role-playing.

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“The Menagerie”- Out of The D&D Encounters Box #20

Introduction:out of the box encounters polymorph
  It’s always important to read the flavor text. For monsters, magic items, and spells, the flavor text can turn a blase encounter into something more. This very encounter is based upon the little details of one spell – Polymorph. (Page 266 of the Player’s Handbook) However, instead of just using that spell as written, what if you created a special region affected by the spell, and tweaked it in such a way as to give the players more agency within the confines of this encounter? What if that special region was a Wild Magic zone? Mayhem!
Environment: Wilderness.
Suggested level: any, but it should be high enough to justify the possible treasure.
  The party might be travelling along a lonely road or twisting path through dense woods, and the foliage seems to abruptly open into a single but large glade. The glade is enormous, and appears for all intents and purposes to be roughly circular. At the centre of this glade is a thick and tangled copse of trees, vines, and brambles. The central tree is an ancient oak, twisted and enormous. It’s branches both reach to the sky and bend to the ground like an umbrella. Woven within these branches, innumerable vines twist and turn like a green tangle of webs, dotted by large white lily-like flowers. Shooting from the ground and entangled among the vines and trees are an equally abundant number of thorny brambles.

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“The Argument”- Out of The Box D&D Encounters #14

  This is yet another concept based around a “what if”. When we look at the many magic items available ettin encountersin the Dungeon Master’s Guide, one that seems to be missing is the Helm of Alignment Change. This was a cursed magical item that, once worn, converted the wearer’s alignment to whatever was diametrically opposed. The only alignment that was unaffected was Neutral, as it had no opposite. Some old school players and DMs will remember this awful item, either as a victim or as the DM who seeded a treasure trove with this bad boy to see if a greedy player would take it.
  With that established, there are monsters out there for whom putting on a magic helmet would have a very unusual outcome for one main reason – they have more than one head.
  So here’s the “what if”…What if an Ettin put on a Helmet of Alignment Change….?


Environment: Wilderness
Suggested level: 4
  While the players are traveling a winding road through a forest, the echoes of shouting and crashing can be heard in the distance. Before they can react, two draft horses, still in full tack, drag torn harnesses as they charge past the party in the opposite direction. As they close toward the noises of conflict, more might (Perception DC 10) become apparent. The sounds loud shouting are broken up with occasional cries of fear, mixed with the sounds of crashing….and then a guttural plea.
  Exiting the forest and entering grasslands, what greets the party is an odd sight. A large two headed giant, perhaps 10’ tall, is both overturning…and then righting…wagons, carts and other caravan vehicles. All the while, the heads argue with each other. One head on the right, long-haired and shaggy, roars and creates the carnage. The other head on the left, wearing a decorative iron pot helm, cries out and tries to stop the other, and immediately rights any overturned vehicle. Two draft horses lie dead on the side of the road, butchered by a large bladed weapon. A mule stands nearby the caravan, seemingly either unaware or uncaring of the carnage. The occupants of the caravan are hiding in a nearby ditch; their heads popping up like groundhogs to witness and then hide from the bizarre sight. Every time the giant roars and overturns a wagon, they scream and duck down..only to pop up one at a time out of morbid curiosity to witness the ongoing drama.

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Gaming like a box of chocolates: D&Dizing Forrest Gump

Gump running
Run, Forrest, run! The Mobile Feat in action.

Yes, this week I’m doing something silly. The idea occurred to me during a recent road trip. Behind the wheel of a car for hours on end, I had to have something to think about, and a Fifth Edition D&D version of Forrest Gump came to mind. Once I started thinking about it, Gump has a lot more talents than I initially thought.

And to be clear, all references are to the movie version of Forrest Gump, as I’ve not read the books the character is based upon.

I’ll provide some explanations below, but first, his stats:

Forrest Gump — D&D style

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Cyber Punk with Shadow Run, Steam Punk, and Dungeons & Dragons Another Weekly Wrap 4-24-2016

shadow run

shadow runHello and well met traveler of the internet, Nerdarchist Dave here with another weekly wrap. I’m excited to announce that we’ve conducted our first social contract this past weekend. Of course we recorded it. We also did our session zero for that game.

Scott Garibay will be the GM using the Cypher System to run a Shadow Run campaign. You can start looking for those videos this week.

Both sessions the social contract and session zero went well. They were Scott’s first foray into either. He came super prepared for the session zero which made for a great intro into Shadow Run and the campaign Scott plans on running. Most likely I’ll split the session zero into several videos since the whole video is over two hours in length.

Here is one of our 1st vids on this upcoming game-

Shadow Run Cypher System Smash-UP

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Player Tips – Adding more Class to your Class – Cleric

clericWelcome back to another series of mine.  Last week we did a player tip to spice up your bard.  You can read about that one here.  Today however we are going deep into faith and are going to ramp up your cleric.

Now the Cleric is a tricky one because the religion that a character follows can literally put them anywhere on the character spectrum.  Clerics can be melee fighters or spell casters.  It is all dependent on what your stats are and what god you worship.  So how can we add more to an already limitless option.

To do that I say lets do something that will be fitting to the game you are playing and play something that you have not done before.  If you are already used to playing a very martial cleric try the other side.  If you are more used to playing the stand in the back and heal, go martial.

What do You do to Add more Class to your Class – Cleric?

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Multi-Class Character Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e Wrap up with the Wizard!

WizardHello fellow Nerdarchests, Art here. I’m back with the next installment of my series Multi-Class Character Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e. If you missed my previous article on the Ranger just click HERE.

Today marks my final installment of the multi-classing in Dungeons & Dragons 5e series. So let’s get started with the Wizard…

Let me take a few lines here to talk about the most divers casting class in the game in my opinion… The Wizard. I think the way the Wizard schools give additional abilities as they level is what makes the class so complex yet simple. With the multitude of spell casting schools to choose from the Wizard gains quite a few options as to how you can play them based on their school of magic. I feel that multi-classing with the wizard opens up an even greater realm of possibilities for characters to delve into both for role-play and for combat purposes. With that, let’s get started… Continue reading Multi-Class Character Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e Wrap up with the Wizard!

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Never Tell Me The Odds|3 of the Most Epic Uses of the Lucky feat| 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

Han Solo, lucky feat, dungeons and dragons, dungeons & dragons, D&D, DnD, RPG, tabletop rpg, never tell me the odds
“Never tell me the odds!”, Han Solo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Lucky feat may draw a collective groan from many a 5th edition dungeons and dragons players and Dungeon Masters alike and who can blame them? Following the errata, a player can turn the Disadvantage mechanic into “Super Advantage” or a foes Advantage into “Super Disadvantage” since it was clarified that the Lucky feat allows you to roll an extra die and choose the desired result before success is determined. If a player turns this feat into simply, “I roll more dice”, well yeah, that is in fact incredibly lame, but I promise you this:  if you make your use of the Lucky feat narratively cool, something that characterizes and defines your character, no one will bat an eye at your use of the feat- they’ll be looking-out for the next time you do something heroic, something badass!

A part of the power of the Lucky feat is actually in the exploitation of circumstances that would grant Disadvantage- you can use the Lucky feat to do really cool, really epic feats of awesomeness. Utilizing the Lucky feat will actually have you fishing for Disadvantage! You could use the feat to make neigh impossible trick shots, death defying acrobatics, or pick a lock with your eyes closed! And also remember that you can turn your foe’s Advantage, that attack that should have inevitably hit into “Super Disadvantage”. With that in mind, let’s look at the situations or conditions that would cause you Disadvantage or grant your enemy Advantage: Continue reading Never Tell Me The Odds|3 of the Most Epic Uses of the Lucky feat| 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

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Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition – Mounted Combat

mounted CombatWith the feat  “Mounted Combat” you gain advantage on attack rolls when attacking targets smaller than your mount (including on a charge). Not  just the damage, but being knocked prone is a huge disadvantage  when fighting mounted combatants as they can knock their foes prone almost at will.

Prone targets (p.190-191 PHB) must spend their movement action to stand up and only move half their movement  after they stand. Also, attacking a prone target gives you advantage on the attack  roll to anyone attacking them.

Mounted Combat in Dungeons and Dragons

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Customized Races – Bullywugs| Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

customized raceNerdarchsit Ted here and today we get to hop into a new customized race in tribute to the game run at Philly Games con by Nerdarchist Ryan.  His game went over so well that people wanted to know how to use a Bullywug as a playable race in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

Bullywug – customized race in Dungeons and Dragons

Bullywugs have a rich culture presented in the Monster Manual.  They will grovel and debase themselves in the presence of their superiors and will use cunning and murder to try and climb up the political ladder of their community. Continue reading Customized Races – Bullywugs| Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

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Weapon Master – Customized Archetype for Fighter in D&D 5th Edition

Dungeons and Dragons

Weapon Master

Nerdarchist Ted here and today I am breaking the mold. Normally I do a board game review on Mondays and instead today I am going to give you a Customized Archetype for your fighter for Dungeons and Dragons 5th ed.

New Archetype for fighter in Dungeons and Dragons

The fighter presented in thePlayers Handbook is an all around fighter, able to pick up any weapon and excel almost equally with it.   The Weapon Master is the opposite.  They have toiled long hours in hard disciplined practice to truly master a weapon of choice.

As this is an archetype the rest of the fighters skills apply to anything the fighter chooses to wield but the remainder of the benefits only work when they are wielding the weapon of choice. Continue reading Weapon Master – Customized Archetype for Fighter in D&D 5th Edition

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Customized Races – The Grimlock| Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Dungeons and Dragons

GrimlockHey Nerdarchists out there, Nerdarchist Ted here and it is time for yet another installment of customized races for D&D 5th edition.  Inspired by the name alone can make one remember the quote, “Grimlock strongest of the  . . .”  If you remember that, I hope I made you chuckle.

Grimlocks are descended from humans but being worshipers of evil for so long and living underground has caused them to change.  They no longer posses the ability to see adapting their senses to just know what is around them instead of actually trying to see it. Continue reading Customized Races – The Grimlock| Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

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Dungeons & Dragons Edition Diets

5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Nerdarchist Dave here, hello and Happy New Year to all of the nerdarchist out there. Not sure if you are a nerdarchist just check out the Urban Dictionary entry for Nerdarchy and then you decide.

Dungeons & Dragons EditionHere is an article written tongue and cheek by a good friend of Nerdarchy’s not to mention an uber nerdarchist in his own right, J. Scott Garibay. Thought it would be a nice way to kick off 2015. Continue reading Dungeons & Dragons Edition Diets