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Star Wars

FFG Star Wars Campaign: A Peace Broken – December 2016 Session Adventure Log

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Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Campaign – A Peace BrokenStar Wars

Adventure Log – December 2016 Session (read the July 2016 Session Adventure Log at

Game – Fantasy Flight Games Stars Wars Tabletop Roleplaying Game (using all three Core Rulebooks, Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny)

Game Attributes – All players physically gathered around four gaming tables. No miniatures used, all combat done in the Theater-of-the-mind fashion.

Setting – Star Wars: The Old Republic, the time of the Star Wars Old Republic video games, events which occurred 300 years after Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and more than 3,600 years before the events in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Game Agents

  • Star WarsGame master Michael Rovinski: Nerdarchy fans may know Michael from his play as a Human Jedi Warrior (Shii-Cho Knight) and Starfighter Ace Mikro Gesper in the four-session Nerdarchy FFG Star Wars RPG “Admiral Statura’s Gambit”
  • Player J. Scott Garibay, Brishar – Wookie (Male) Gladiator
  • Player Dominic, Mollar Kakun – Duron (Male) Smuggler Pilot Ace Rigger –  Corellian XS Light Freighter (Dreamcatcher), using YT-2000 statistics
  • Player Ted, Lit Dill – Falleen (Female) Smuggler Charmer
  • Player Ryan, Korven – Weequay (Male) Smuggler Gunslinger
  • Player Bill McManus, Naela Tambor – Human (Female) Jedi Guardian (Warleader) Seeker (Ataru Striker)
  • Player Ed, Orvek Toth – Zabrak (Male) Jedi
  • Player Curt, Doctor Moya “Chip” Takasubo – Droid (Male) Spy
  • Player J. Scott Garibay, Retired Player Character Ferrion Wan Zo – Human (Male) Jedi Consular (Niman Disciple) – Headed off in an Liberator in an earlier session when he suspected that Naela Tambor was actually a Sith Infiltrator

Story NPCs

  • NPC – Jace Malcom – Human (Male) Leader Supreme Allied Commander
  • NPC – Revan – Human (Male) Prodigal Knight (Former Sith)
  • NPC – Scourge – Pureblood Sith male, previously a Sith Lord of the reconstituted Sith Empire who later became the Emperor’s Wrath
  • NPC Enemy Group – Sith Agents: Human Males and Females proficient in use of Dark Force Powers, all serving the Emperor directly

Star Wars

  • NPC Enemy Group – Esh-Kha: Aggressive alien race immune to Force Powers
  • NPC Group – Rakata: Advanced ancient alien race now extinct, subject of much study from both the Empire and the Alliance

Story Locations

  • Black Seven – Allied Fleet Capital Ship Transport and weapons platform serving the allied Republic, Jedis and Smugglers
  • Belsavis – Republic Prison Planet (Arboreal)
  • Valen Ridge Fortress – Rakata Historical Site on the surface of Belsavis

Story Events

  • Player Characters (PCs) meet with Revan and Jace Malcom. Revan explains that the Emperor is preparing to complete a dark ritual on Belsavis in which he will kill the prisoners on the planet and use their souls to power a surge in his Dark Force Powers. Revan further explains that the Emperor already has Sith Agents on planet at Belsavis beginning the ritual.

Star Wars

  • PCs debate on whether Scourge should be allowed to accompany the team to Belsavis and PC Doctor Moya “Chip” Takasubo resolves the issue by having Scourge drink a delayed poison that he will be given the antidote to if he successfully aids the PCs on mission.
  • PCs (with Scourge) are delivered to orbit around Belsavis in PC Mollar Kakun’s Corellian XS Light Freighter Dreamcatcher. Republic Admiral Velgan meets with them and explains that he will give them Orbital Strike support for their ground approach to the Valen Ridge Fortress.
  • From orbit the PCs observe the Sith agents on the surface. Republic Admiral Velgan briefs them further, explaining that there are Esh-Kha forces on the surface in addition to the Sith Agents at Valen Ridge Fortress. Republic Admiral Velgan also explains that the Esh-Kha are there specifically to protect a massive World Razer weapon that is buried beneath the Valen Ridge Fortress.
  • PCs land on the surface and are able to defeat the four squads of Esh-Kha through conventional battle with laser rifles. PC force users then engage the Sith Agents and defeat them as well.

Star Wars

  • Having defeated the Esh-Kha and the Sith Agents, the PCs find a cache of Rakata treasures, including a Datacron, Rakata art and a Rakata corpse kept in a stasis pod with an active computer intelligence in it. The Rakata computer intelligence aids the PCs in neutralizing the World Razer threat, putting the World Razer in an archived status for one millennium.

Closing Notes

The FFG Star Wars Tabletop Roleplaying Game, featuring custom dice and a growing array of source books that unlock a huge inventory of planets, starships, characters, factions and weapons, has grown to be a favorite TRPG within my circle of friends. Gamemaster Michael Rovinski has paired a great fandom of Star Wars with a strong grasp of the FFG Star Wars Tabletop Roleplaying Game rules system to make a vibrant campaign world.

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