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Skylanders tabletop roleplaying game short campaign (Obsidian Keen)

I am fortunate to be friends with Ted Adams, a Nerdarchy Founder. Ted and I have two distinct things in common:

  • Dungeons & Dragons fans
  • Skylanders video game fans

Ted has an extensive collections of Skylanders (dwarfing my collection) and recently he proposed that we create a Skylanders tabletop roleplaying game short campaign (e.g. three sessions). I agreed that this was a good idea and began the task of pulling this campaign together. That task prompted a few decisions.


Toys that come to life in Skylanders bring the exciting action to your tabletop roleplaying game experience!

Bringing Skylanders to the tabletop roleplaying universe

Acronyms – TRPG (tabletop roleplaying game), PC (player character), NPC (nonplayer character), GM (Game Master)




I thought the best approach for the Skylanders TRPG short campaign (Obsidian Keen) would be to create our own short rules set, with the following aspects: 1) created by myself and 2) less than one page. I will share the Obsidian Keen rules set in an upcoming article.


Of course, the Skylanders TRPG short campaign (Obsidian Keen) will be set in the Skylanders world, but what portion of that world? The Skylanders video game has six separate games that have been released:

  • Spyro’s Adventure (2011)
  • Giants (2012)
  • Swap Force (2013)
  • Trap Team (2014)
  • SuperChargers (2015)
  • Imaginators (2016)

I determined that the Skylanders TRPG short campaign (Obsidian Keen) will handle each table game session by including content from two of the video game releases. This will allow the three table game sessions to cover all six of the video games release content.


The Skylanders video game has varied physical components that can be directly leveraged in play. The first is the figures. There are 350 unique Skylander figures. We will use the figures just as miniatures are used in Dungeons & Dragons. Each of the figures is bound to an element:


  • Earth
  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Magic
  • Tech
  • Life
  • Undead
  • Light
  • Dark

These elements will serve to establish resistance or vulnerability for damage.

In additions to figures I will need to determine how to use the other four physical components of the game:

  • Portals (all titles)
  • Traps (Trap Team)
  • Vehicles (SuperChargers)
  • Crystals (Imaginators)


The Skylanders video game gives fantastic NPCs that can be dropped right in. The allies include:

  • Master Eon
  • Mabu Pilot Flynn
  • Mabu Adventurer Cali
  • Master Eon’s Mabu Assistant Hugo
  • Woodburrow Inhabitant Tessa (and Whiskers)
  • Fairy Persephone
  • Veteran Mabu Buzz

The enemies include:

  • Rogue Portal Master Kaos
  • Troll Butler Glumshanks
  • Cyclopes
  • Drows
  • Chompies
  • Greebles
  • Spell Punks
  • Trolls



I am exceptionally excited to build the Skylanders TRPG short campaign (Obsidian Keen) and add to the collection of Garibay Game Kits. I would really appreciate any advice that Skylander fans have for bringing the excitement and flavor of the epic video game to the tabletop as an exciting and functional roleplaying game. Please let me know your thoughts right here in the comments or on the Nerdarchy’s Facebook page. Thank you very much.

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