Psychic Circuitry / Conduits for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Psionics

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Welcome Nerdarchs! This is a multiple part series about my home brew Psionics and psychic warrior classes and rules. You may want to check these first, Intro to Psionic and Psychic Warrior, Psychometabolist’s starting abilities and Class Features.  Psychoportationist, Psychokineticist,  Telepath, and Claircognizant.

Now that we have the back articles laid out for you. Here is a video that has some in depth explanation and props to help explain psychic circuitry / psionic conduit.


Psychic Circuitry a.k.a. the psionic conduit is the basis for the psionicist’s manifestation of power. It is their will that drives the arcane energy along the unique paths within the psionicist’s body and energy matrix. It is very similar to electricity moving along a path within a circuit board or water and nutrients flowing through a network of mycelium or roots to produce a specific effect.

Psionics in 5th edition will work just like magic from the standpoint of how it interacts with other magics. If there is an anti-magic shell where a wizard and psionics user are standing they are each as hampered as the other when attempting to produce a magically effect. A spellcaster using dispel magic will distrupt the pathways and flow of magical energy along the psychic conduits of the psionicist.

Psychic Circuitry / Conduits for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Psionics A wizard who is not used to a psionicist’s manifestation of power may see detect magic as pictured above and not know the discipline that the power is associated with unless they develop their knowledge of psionic powers further. That is the way I would play it if you as the DM are introducing psionics into a place that is unfamiliar with it. A wizard from a setting that does not have psionics present on the world may not even know what it is that they are looking at currently.

But if psionic classes are being added to a world where they are know and have existed before than there should be no issue because the spellcaster would have some understanding imparted by the spell as well as j=his arcane training to grasp what discipline it is that the psionicist is using.

Let me know what you think of Psychic Circuitry and the psionic conduit for the manifestation mechanics for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition psionics.

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