Spell AOE Templates! Set of 10.


This is a set of 10 Spell AOE Templates. Great way to know what your spell is going to hit or the area of effect for the stinking cloud, fireball, or lightning bolt, etc.

Set includes:
(1) 5 foot Radius
(1) 10 Foot Radius
(2) 15 Foot Cones Different Configurations
(1) 20 Foot Radius
(2) 30 Foot Cones – Different Configurations
(3) 30 Foot Line – Different Configurations

Color of print can be up to you! Want that blue for lighting effect? Green for that stinking cloud?

If you would like to see one that isn’t listed, feel free to message me.

**Floor Tiles and mini’s are not included**

But Floor Tiles are Dragonlock Ultimate which you can purchase from my shop.

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1 review for Spell AOE Templates! Set of 10.

  1. Ditch Newman

    Can you make AoE templates for the hex grid?

    • Dave Friant

      We will have to look into it.

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