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Secrets of the Vault: Mage Forge Vol.1 (PDF)

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Who knows what treasures and secrets lie within the vault? Mage Forge Vol. 1 is a collection of magical items, trinkets, alternate materials for crafting, and a new magic item type — charms.

  • 25 new item entries
  • Several
  • 12 charms — one-time consumable magic items
  • Powerful items like Ebonhorn the Corrupter and the Ring of Hork
  • Random loot tables
  • New weapon quality — savage


1 review for Secrets of the Vault: Mage Forge Vol.1 (PDF)

  1. b_mcgee21 (verified owner)

    I just started putting together a homebrew campaign and this supplement was a huge help. Lots of items with varying power levels that I can sprinkle in to keep things interesting. There’s some cool stuff in here for every type of character!

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