Secrets of the Vault: Lost Lore Vol. 1


Secrets of the Vault: Lore Lore Volume 1 explores the mysteries of the Crawl Wood and contains new options for Game Masters of the 5th Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. Players don’t worry — we’ve got new options for you too.

Contained within you will find:

  • New Metamagic
  • New Monastic Tradition: Way of the Chained Fist
  • 5 Environmental Hazards
  • 5 New Alchemical Items
  • New Background
  • 3 New Spells including Sticks to Snakes
  • 2 New Spell Augmentation Feats
  • New Creature with Creation Rite
  • Expanded Arcana Skill
  • Tools to Create Unpredictable Sylvan Influence for Any Setting