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Glaive of Wizardry


It’s all in the cards

Every month (or maybe even more than once a month) we’re creating print and play cards for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. We originally shared this Glaive of Wizardry over on our Patreon page on a public post available for anyone to download.

Future cards will be included for supporters at the Meet Us At The Tavern tier and above, which also gives you access to all our monthly products before they come to Nerdarchy the Store, automatic entry into monthly giveaways and one shot game sessions and more. Find out more about all the stuff you can get here.

We all really dig card accessories for our 5E D&D games and we’re excited to explore this corner of content creation. If you’re into this sort of thing keep an eye out as we plan to not only create these monthly magic item cards but perhaps put a few more decks of our own together in the future. We’ll also be doing polls over on our Patreon page so fans can help decide some of the visual elements of these cards.


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