Fisherman’s Hut & Pier


Perfect for your fishing village – Fisherman’s Hut & Pier! Designed by Dark Realms.

Comes in several pieces and needs to be assembled:

(1) Main building with 2 doors attached

(3) Roofs

(5) Piers – (5) Uppers and (5) lowers

(1) Row boat and oar

(4) Windows

(11) Legs

(2) Stairs for Piers

The Medieval Scenery – Fishermans Hut & Pier when assembled is about 8-3/4″ wide x 21-1/2″ long x 5-1/2″ tall.

This is great addition to any table top scene.

It is printed out in grey PLA which is easily painted. This item can print in many other colors if you would like. Just add a note to the order.

Great for Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer or whatever system you are playing.

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** Mini is not included. Used to show scale **

*****Dark Realms Licensed Printer*****