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Death Pit (PDF)


A dark drama draws heroes into a web of intrigue at the Death Pit! A small town maintains a delicate balance with a nearby Necropolis and the Death Pit shared between them. The mayor of Blackwood puts out a call for adventurers when the risen dead become problematic but the real threat is the secret shared between the town and the Death Pit. The keepers of the Necropolis, the spectral guardian hound and the living collide with the heroes stuck in the middle.

  • New Otherworldly Patron — Necrogrim, a defender of the dead whose warlocks can awaken these restless spirits
  • An adventure! — includes a map and background information to help Game Masters weave players into the tense scenario
  • 7 NPCs — including the Master Necromancer and their three apprentices
  • 2 New Magic Items — including the powerful Radiant Gate, a nearly impenetrable shield against the undead
  • 2 New Creatures — an avatar of Necrogrim and the churchgrim, lesser guardian hounds bound to gravesites


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