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Dark Paths: Encounters with the Winter Lord


The Fifth Edition content in this book explores new, darker paths for adventurers to follow. Beginning down one of these dark paths leads to power but at a perilous cost. Heroes of the dark face insurmountable odds and challenging decisions whether it is worth the cost to fight against such forces by tapping into the same source of insidious influence as their terrible foes.

Three scenarios ready to drop right into your Fifth Edition games illustrate the dark power and influence caused by beings of malediction infiltrating your campaign world. Each encounter challenges heroes in a unique way and surviving these perilous circumstances can set adventurers on a dark path to discovering terrible truths.

  • Ice Spires challenges 2nd level characters with a dangerous trap beset by horrid undead
  • Drop Ghouls plunges 4th level heroes into frigid danger and a race against time
  • Frozen Lake tests 5th level heroes with traversing treacherous terrain to end the emanations of evil
  • New Magic Items — Orb of Ice Spires and Spectral Lantern
  • New Monster — Drop Ghoul


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