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Want to play Dungeons and Dragons, but can’t find a group?

Well I may just have the solution to your problems of finding a group to game with. One of my online buddies put together a Facebook group to bring people together who want to game. My 1st online game was via Google Hangouts On Air and it was 5th edition dungeons and dragons. Now I shouldn’t say it was my very first game online, because I did play Dungeons and Dragons through a Facebook play-by-post game twice before. The pace was way to slow and just wasn’t finding it satisfying at all.

Now I’ll be honest gaming via Google Hangouts On Air isn’t perfect, but it’s better than nothing and you can still have a great time. My go to will always be in person and live, but I  understand this isn’t possible for everyone so Google Hangouts On Air is a great alternative.

Right now 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons is pretty hot in  The Tabletop One Shot Group, but there is other games through the group going on as well. I’ve personally been involved in two different 5th edition D&D games and a Heroes Unlimited game.

A.J. Picketts Heroes Unlimited Google Hangouts On Air Game video

So if you want to play dungeons and dragons or some other game this group is a great place to make that happen. You can also go in there and post you are running a game and people will show up for it. I plan on running a Mutants and Masterminds game at some point in the near future.

dungeons and dragonsThe way The Tabletop One Shot Group came about was from a fellow RPG YouTuber. G.M. Juce  had been hanging out in RPG related groups on Facebook for a while where he noticed the problem people who hadn’t gamed in years, but were talking about gaming with no one to actually game with. So he decided to do something about it. That is how the Tabletop One Shot group came to be.

It’s been quite successful so far. People are loving the fact they are able to get into games fairly easily. Plus there is a couple other benefits like playing in a game you’ve wanted play in, but don’t own or maybe you don’t even know anyone that who runs that game. There is a good chance you’ll be able to find some one run it for you risk free. Or maybe there’s a game you’d like to run, but your regular group isn’t interested in playing it.

The other really cool thing is  getting to interact with people online in a gaming environment. Before I’d just talk gaming with them, now I actually game with them as well.

I got to into a Dungeons and Dragons game with Daivd Semmes’s  Domain of Man game.

Hopefully I see you guys over at The Tabletop One Shot Group- Here


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