Top 5 Reasons to Live Stream Your D&D Game
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The Nerdarchy live stream fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Spelljammer game Ingest Quest campaign wrapped up the other day. Episode 12 “Something New” came to a close and we bid bon voyage to the culinary explorers traveling the crystal sphereverse in … Read More

New D&D Campaign Settings Coming in 2018
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The Stream of Many Eyes ended less than 24 hours ago and Wizards of the Coast dropped even more news for upcoming fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons products this morning. According to an exclusive from Comicbook.com, “Dungeons & Dragons plans to … Read More

Bring on Sixth Edition D&D — Modularity, Dynamics and Live Stream Play
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The immense popularity of fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons is undeniable. The streamlined 5E ruleset coupled with Wizards of the Coast’s dedication to engagement with the RPG community and embrace of social media and streaming culture has propelled D&D both … Read More

A Complete 5E Sci-Fi RPG in Esper Genesis Core Manual
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When I flipped through the recently released full core rulebook for Esper Genesis, the same immediate feeling of hell yeah I want to play this emerges as it did when I first heard about 5th Edition science fiction roleplaying game … Read More

The Name Game Part IV: Game Titles (And Why Your Campaign Should Have One)
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Salutations, nerds! Today I want to take a moment to talk about game titles. A lot of home groups don’t have them, but plenty of character sheets (looking at you World of Darkness) have slots for ‘campaign name’ on the … Read More

Stream of Many Eyes, a Rubber Chicken, and You — Memorable Campaigns for D&D
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A cult strives to bring their dragon goddess into the world to wreak havoc. Demons from the Abyss invade the Underdark. Evil elementals build a powerbase in an ancient temple. A vampire holds sway over a cursed land. Giants compete … Read More

Engaging Players around the RPG Table is a Group Effort
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For a Game Master running a session for a group of players, whether it’s fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, Kids on Bikes, Weave or any of the wonderful roleplaying games out there (and there’s a lot, for any taste!) the … Read More

Deep Magic: High Elven Magic for 5th Edition with the Kobold Press| Review
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Over on the Nerdarchy YouTube Channel we’ve been reviewing the Deep Magic series from Kobold Press. Elven High Magic is our tenth one in the series. We have a handful left to go complete the Deep Magic series. Quite few … Read More

D&D Gets Post Apocalyptic with Hellscapes
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There’s a huge variety of tabletop roleplaying games out there on the market, providing infinite variety in settings, themes and mechanics. Everything from primitive worlds to vast universes, quickstart guides to 500-page rulebooks, and low-brow humor to high-brow drama. But … Read More

From Hit Dice to Heroics: New Options for Your 5E Characters to be Awesome
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Our fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons characters get put through the wringer on the regular during adventures, and pull off incredible acts in pursuit of quest success. And when they get a moment to catch their breath, a pool of … Read More

Live streaming RPG (un)life with unMadeGaming
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The RPG space is undoubtedly growing in ways it never has before. There are simply more options for games, whether new systems, new content for classics like fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons and new ways to play all of these … Read More

Exploring RPG Options Past the D&D Gateway
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As far as role playing games go, Dungeons & Dragons has always been a gold standard. People jump into it and play for months or years, or sometimes try it out for just one game. Many of us here at … Read More

Paizo TV Goes Live with a New Pathfinder Show
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Breaking news! Paizo announced in a press release on March 26 the start of a weekly live stream Fridays at 4 p.m. Pacific on their Twitch channel beginning March 30. The live stream will help answer fans’ Pathfinder Second Edition questions … Read More

Spoiler Alert! D&D Beyond Ingest Quest Campaign Management Tips
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Following on the heels of Ingest Quest episode 1, the live stream fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Spelljammer game, I shared some tips on managing and running a campaign using the D&D Beyond tools for keeping all your adventure information … Read More

Worldbuilding: Where to Begin with a Homebrew Campaign Setting
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You’ve been playing roleplaying games for a bit now. It might be Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Savage Worlds, or untold countless possibilities. The problem is you don’t like the setting. It almost fits the image in your mind but not … Read More

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