Running a Successful DMPC
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Running a DMPC (Dungeon Master’s Player Character) is not an easy thing to balance, I will give you that. The DMPC is a tricky and unique animal. But it’s not fair to say “never do this, not ever.” I’ve seen them … Read More

The Formaggio di Fernando Caper- D&D 5e, SRD Compatible Adventure
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The Formaggio di Fernando Caper D&D 5e, SRD compatible adventure. Written with thanks to Scott Garibay for his Five Page Tabletop RPG Adventure Design   Launch: Two large towns have been in hot competition with each other for commerce and … Read More

World of Darkness: Black Spiral Dancers
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The following article details a tribe of werewolves that regularly commit acts that may not be suitable for all readers. While World of Darkness is normally a game that would hold a PG to PG-13 rating, the Black Spiral Dancers … Read More

World of Darkness: Uktena
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I have wandered for seven days and seven nights through the American Southwest, adrift due to relying on a map that I later realized was some sort of talon or fetish, for it changed to lead me back to the … Read More

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