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Nubz Knows Chapter 5: Aligning With Character Alignment part 1 – Lawful Good

character alignment

This will be the first part in a nine part series where I get to interview characters of the various alignments in Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder.

This should give insight and illustrate the richness that can be found in each character alignment in an organic way.

To this end, I have chosen out nine NPC’s from campaigns I have written and went across the dimensional borders to speak to these characters face to face in their natural element.

 As I enter the giant stone cathedral dedicated to the ways of good and order, I marvel at it’s large yet still intricately detailed stained glass. Barely able to pay attention to the ground beneath my feet as I pull a pad of paper and a pencil from my pocket; I approach the alter to introduce myself and my intents to the Elven Priestess that stands there.

“Greetings and salutations loyal Nerdarchy readers, this is Nigel “Nubz” Sanford here on location in the temple of the Lord of Light inside the city of Duskwatch.

lawful good

Here with me is one of the heroes of the Second Demon Wars, known as the Golden General to many and the Sylvan Savior to others. I’d like to introduce you readers to Lady Fieoni, cleric of the Lord of Light and pinnacle of the lawful good character alignment.”

Lady Fieoni smiles as she stands from her morning prayers. Her ornate armor blending seamlessly into the robes befitting her station. She looks at me a moment, deciding what good she could do for me, before answering, “Well met within the light strange man. Who are you introducing me to?”

Chewing my lower lip as I mentally scold myself for breaking the fourth wall only I am aware of, “I am introducing you to the reader. Now as a Cleric of the Lord of Light, you have upheld the ways of order while surrounded by all the chaos of the Demon Wars. Many would have gone insane, turn tail, or even been corrupted, but not you.”

The golden haired elf looks at me like I am a urchin who speaks to dogs, “Yes, I stayed strong in my faith knowing that if I failed many would die. For truth and for justice, I held the line even past the point of my body breaking or my mind telling me no more.

Some days, only my faith sustained me, especially during my travels across the burned plains of the west where no food could be found for days at a time. May I ask, is… this Ree-Dar your deity…?

dungeons and dragons

Looking at the woman before me blankly like she did not ask that, I sense little in way of pride and more a person who is humbly grateful from her.

“Your god is an awesome god. Now can you answer for us if you have ever found that following this faith limiting in your life?” I ask before I am distracted by the light playing through the glass again.

Lady Fieoni, smiling at the compliment  to her deity, gives my question an answer that seems like it has been waiting for the right question to be asked to bring it forth,

“Well that is the thing that always confused me; if a person who is good to his community and does not break the laws of his king were to look at my life, he would not see it as any different from his own save for I reap salvation instead of a field.

But through the eyes of the wicked and uncouth, my life would seem a restricting prison. It is far to easy to blame my god for this, but the reality is that I lived a life of goodness and faithful service to my father’s house, neighbors long before I felt the calling of the Lord of Light. “

Without missing a beat I continue that line of thought, “So you are saying any law abiding good citizen is already pretty close to being Lawful good. Good to know, though is it hard to make an income of heroically rich proportions like that though?”

She takes a deep breath at my repeated questions, the priestess thinks for a moment, “It is good you ask that, though I have not seen fit to rob someone blind or to trick a demon of his riches, the Lord of Light saw fit to reward me several times along my journeys.

This mace at my side for instance is an artifact of rare and phenomenal power when used for good. Through the saving of a the king I was given it to continue His will. “

I nod as I write her quote down hastily, “Wow, sounds like what I like to call unwritten rewards. You get to be friends with the king and get priceless items as opposed to fortunes of trinkets.

character alignment

Riches come in all forms and honest gains due tend to be longer lasting. A fool and his money are soon parted as the saying goes.  Now has adhering to such a moral code effected your personal life?”

Lady Fieoni beams with pride as she looks at a stained glass portrayal of the god of good and law, “Goodness and order are the rewards of civility unto themselves but yes. I have saved countless lives, gained fame, and been rewarded in ways that I never could have dreamed.”

Her cheeks turn a light shade of pink as she runs her mailed fingers over a Ring of silver that sits upon her finger. “All it took was one girl from a farm standing up to evil at the right time, and by His grace, here I am, days away from being married and, His Light willing, beginning a family.”

I nod, visibly touched at the blessing of one finding their true love, “Well it sounds like the way of order and good has netted you all the rewards one could dream of in life. Family, love, fame and fortune… all while giving you a blatantly obvious purpose and direction that so many lack. Not the ball and chain or lawful stupid the readers so often think it is.”

Raising an eyebrow, she addresses me curtly, “You mention this Ree-der again but in plural… is it demons? Are you being forced to act this strange way?”

Shaking my head as I take a step back, “Oh, I do have to listen to the readers. That much is true.”

She pulls out her mace before raising her voice, “I will set you free poor strange man!”

Running away for dear life, “Well readers, this is Nigel ‘Nubz’ Sanford for Nerdarchy… Reminding you all to role with it!”

“In the name of the Lord of Light, He who brings good and law to the darkness of the world, I will banish you demon of Ree-Dar! Even if I must beat you out of this man!”

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Nigel “Nubz” Sanford

Nubz hails from the American Pacific Northwest where he has spent the last 24 years living the gamer life and running campaigns of all kinds. Through this he has managed to sate his acting bug and entertain many. Now a father, he wishes to pursue writing to leave a legacy in Nerd culture for his offspring to enjoy.


  • Viss
    March 27, 2015 at 4:38 am

    A little more proofreading would serve this well.

    • Nathan Riggins
      March 27, 2015 at 3:47 pm

      This is one that I haven’t actually read yet so I will give it a check, thanks for letting me know. Nate the Nerdarch

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