Night Terrors A D&D 5e RPG Adventure

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Greetings Everyone. I am really excited to talk about my new adventure that I will be hosting on the 31st.

It is a live play event that will be able to view on Youtube.

trap Night Terrors A D&D 5e RPG Adventure I have not hosted a live game play before but luckily the rest of the Nerdarchists have so I will be benefiting from their experience.

Like watching someone disarm a trap.  Trap watching XP!

Night Terrors A D&D 5e RPG Adventure

I will be GMing for my one shot adventure Night Terrors. It is a blend of urban chase and horror with a bit of “race against time” puzzle solving.

For those of you not into horror, don’t worry. This adventure will not be featured at Splattercon!!! It would also be missing from the bookshelf of that crazy guy in Saw.

For those of you who aren’t into gore and death, like me, but still like to be creeped out make sure you check it out this Sunday at 8pm EST over at Nerdarchy’s youtube channel.

If you can’t make it you can still run the story with the pdf version of the adventure. You can find it over at when it becomes available sometime after the game play this Sunday.

Below is the last D&D 5e game play with Nerdarchist Ryan

Night Terrors A D&D 5e RPG Adventure

I hope you will check out the D&D 5e live stream of Night Terrors this weekend. Feel free to share this RPG adventure with other like minded individuals

and until next time

Stay Nerdy!



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