Nerdy Graphic Tees for Women, Gaming T Shirts for Men, Nerd Apparel i'm with int 3 i'm with wis 3

Nerdy Graphic Tees, Gaming T Shirts, Nerd Apparel for All

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Nerdy Graphic Tees for Women, Gaming T Shirts for Men, Nerd Apparel for All!

Greetings nerds, geeks, and gamers of all kinds, Nate the Nerdarch here and I wanted to take you on a walkthrough of nerdy RPG shirts while letting you know about one of our latest sponsors*,

I have been wearing some of their nerd apparel, and gaming t shirts for men, throughout the past month or so and I am pleased with the quality so I felt it was fair to mention them here. They also have nerdy graphic tees for women (as in women’s fitted, or v neck ) available as well.

You may find all of the available sizes, styles, and designs over on the website, ArmorClass10

They sent us a stack of different shirts to try out as samples. I am very pleased with the gaming t shirts for men that I have worn as well as their designs and color options that the other Nerdarchists- Ted, Dave, and Ryan received.

Overall I like the weight of the materials. The men’s (generic tees shape) is a 50/50 cotton blend. I found it to be thick enough that when I got it caught on a tree in the yard there wasn’t a hole in it. While at the same time it is not so thick as to be, what I would deem, the cold weather gear of nerd apparel.

nerd apparel, gaming t shirts, lawful good lawful niceMany of the text based gaming t shirts have a good amount of geeky wit to them and they are the type of humor many a nerd would enjoy. Nerdarchist Ted is always wearing so kind of nerd apparel and he has owned several of these shirts before I even knew about them as a company.

From my favorite alignment t shirt, “Lawful Good. It doesn’t mean lawful nice”. Everyone who games has heard of or witnessed the cardboard cutout of a lawful good character who is nice to everyone that is not a monster. But get them in a room with some cult of a dragon god worshippers or goblins sipping ale and the character is down for the fight.

nerd apparel, nerdy graphic tees, gaming t shirtsTo the always handy, gaming t shirt for all occasions, the Shirt of Wonder for when you want to wear all of your funny gamer shirts at once but it just isn’t possible. That was true, until now.

Nerd Apparel for All!

While researching the site for this article I found out they have women’s fitted, and v neck, tees as well as hoodies and sweatshirts. I don’t dig hoodies but they are my wife’s go-to casual wear at home and on the weekends. I am considering the “Don’t tread on me” lego version for her.

It has many layers of meaning over at my house since she played with them as a child, as did I. We both saved them up for our children (I had several totes of them and now have several more). And all of our children obsessively play with them. We have hardwood floors throughout the house so this is a daily hazard for all of us.

For Nerds by Nerds

Is one of the often heard phrases here at the Nerdarchy. I think that same phrases fits the people over at Armorclass10. A gamer since junior high and a publisher of OGL books for the D20 system. The creator of ArmorClass10 sounds to be quite the nerd.

Over at the Nerdarchy, this nerd apparel gets our creativity flowing. We have done several videos inspired by the nerdy tee shirts and many gaming discussions have come to be due to a phrase or image on one of them that set it into motion. Here is one on Dungeon Design that we got into from one of Dave’s gaming t shirts.

We also have had several discussions on the merits of directional arrows and I am of the opinion it is just as funny, if not more so, when the arrow points away from someone, as pointing towards them.

Nerdy Graphic Tees , Gaming T Shirts, Nerd Apparel i'm with int 3 i'm with wis 3If you are a fan of what we do here over at the Nerdarchy or you just dig nerdy tees check out our sponsored* link to Doing so helps us to continue our sponsorship relationships as well as pay our bills.

Let me know what you think in the comments below

Until Next time,

Stay Nerdy!

*Sponsorship Claimer. Here at Nerdarchy we don’t take on sponsors if we do not feel there is some value in mentioning them to our readers and viewers. If I didn’t feel the product was up to my standards I wouldn’t mention it to others in a positive light. My personal honor and your trust are worth more than some green paper with dead people on it.

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