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Nerdarchy the Convention Prep in Full Swing — and YOU Can Help!

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Planning and preparation for Nerdarchy the Convention is in full swing! We are putting everything we’ve got into this event and we want to make sure your experience exceeds any and all your expectations. Thanks to the incredible backers for Out of the Box: Encounters for 5th Edition we hit our ultimate stretch goal of creating Nerdarchy the Convention. Hosting events to celebrate nerdy culture and gaming was a dream of ours for quite a while and we cannot wait to share this experience with everyone Halloween weekend 2020. A few months ago we shared an overview of what we’d planned so far at that point and we’ve been charging ahead ever since. But we can only prognosticate so much and we need your help to make Nerdarchy the Convention an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

Nerdarchy the Convention
These are just some of the special guests appearing at Nerdarchy the Convention. Artifact level badge holders are invited to a special Kick-Off Party along with these fantastic folks.

Help make Nerdarchy the Convention awesome

You can help by filling out a survey, and your insights and feedback will be a tremendous aid for programming and planning activities for the first annual convention. Please take a moment and answer a few questions about the convention here. And since we are survey noobs, if there are any comments, questions or concerns you have that aren’t covered, please reach out and let us know in the comments, on social media or simply by contacting us directly here.

Based on the survey feedback we’ve received so far we’ve learned a lot of people want to see live play games to watch, and we’ve heard you! We’re programming more of these events to meet your expectations.

One good problem we’ve already experienced is increasing the space for the event. Based on presale of badges and the programming we’ve already got in place we added more square footage at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center for Halloween weekend 2020. The best way to keep up to date on all the developments is through the newsletter you can find here along with the slick video trailer for the event.

At this time the Out of the Box Pledge Manager remains open for late pledges. You can get your hands on the book and all the add-ons including presale badges for Nerdarchy the Convention, or upgrade your badge to Legendary or Artifact level. There’s also a FREE encounter Seizing the Means you can download for a sneak peek at the sort of content you’ll find in the book. Check it out here.

Legendary Badges

  • 200 available
  • $100 each
  • Grants Early Entry into the Vendor Hall
  • 2nd Tier for access to register for games and panels
  • Special badge commemorates Nerdarchy the Convention and lets everyone know you’re attuned at the Legendary Badge level

Artifact Badges

  • 100 available
  • $500 each
  • Grants Early Entry into the Vendor Hall
  • 1st Tier for access to register for games and panels
  • Special badge commemorates Nerdarchy the Convention and lets everyone know you’re attuned at the Artifact Badge level
  • Exclusive invite to Nerdarchy the Convention Kick-Off Party on Oct. 29, 2020. You’ll get to hobnob with special guests of the convention in a catered event space with open bar, plus access to the special events planned for the evening

*There are three access tiers. Both Legendary and Artifact badge holders gain early registration access, before the general public

Get your badges for Nerdarchy the Convention here

One of the things we’ve focused on is arranging for many of our special guests to run public games for attendees. We thought it would be really cool to provide opportunities for you to play games with your favorite creators, and for them to interact with their audiences in a new way as well as reach new folx to share their love for the tabletop roleplaying game hobby. Special guests will also be hosting panels and workshops on a variety of topics and activities, which is also an important part of the survey so we can program exactly the kind of events you want to participate in.

We’re also putting tremendous effort into keeping the gaming at Nerdarchy the Convention free to attendees. There will still be registration for games, but we felt it is really important not to add any additional cost for registration to play games. We are currently completing work on the convention website where you’ll be able to see the schedules of games, panels and workshops and register for the events you don’t want to miss.

A lot of people have expressed concern about the timing, since it takes place over Halloween weekend. We understand this is an important time of year for many individuals and families. We want Nerdarchy the Convention to be an event everyone can enjoy so we are hosting a trick-or-treat for any children in attendance as well as the local community around the event space. Along these same lines we’re working out how to best introduce a Halloween party for everyone in attendance.

Since Nerdarchy the Convention was only made possible because of the amazing success of our own Out of the Box Kickstarter we want to leave you here with some more of the incredible projects with live crowdfunding going on right now. Who knows, maybe the next fantastic event will spin out of the success from one of these projects!

It’s not too late

If you missed the live Kickstarter, worry not! The pledge manager is live and accepting late pledges so you can get in on Out of the Box: Encounters for 5th Edition. 

You can visit the pledge manager here to preorder your own copy including any of the extras we created to support the book like Fantasy Grounds integration, exclusive Nerdarchy dice and more.

We know many of you are concerned about Kickstarter’s business practices, and we want to make it clear the pledge manager is an independent entity, unrelated to Kickstarter.

Once again we could use your help to make Nerdarchy the Convention the best experience possible. Please participate in this survey and your feedback will be invaluable for us to planning and schedule games, panels, workshops and other activities. You can find that survey here.

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