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gamingHello Nerdarchy Fans, Nerdarchist Ted here and today we are going to examine dungeon delving in a new way.  Do you use dungeon tiles or a grid in your campaign or do you do more of a free form combat?

Before Nerdarchy used a grid and miniatures we used a rough drawing on paper and d6s for bad guys and d4s for our heroes.    We even occasionally used ketchup packets or kit kat bars as barriers to segment rooms or corridors.  Quite ridiculous, if you ask me.  I am thankful that those times were not caught on film.

This evolved the longer we played and while we occasionally use dungeon tiles or some cool scenery we have not fully embraced a true 3 dimensional gaming world.

I have recently been exposed to Dungeon Master G s videos and I have to say his work is spectacular.

He is a master of making modular dungeon terrain and tiles.    Of all of the videos I have watched he keeps the creation videos short, in case you might not have a long attention span, as I know many out there do not.

But that is not all that he does.  He also has videos on describing the dungeon as you explore it so if you are not the best at descriptions you can master it by seeing how he does it.  He also has campaign information on his You Tube channel and website though don’t let your players know as they can find the secrets just as easily.

By keeping creation video short he  also shows how easy of a process it is to make this kind of stuff. His first video is only about 10 minutes long and tells you all the tools you will need to make the stuff he does.  His second video actually gets into the process of making the tiles out of cardboard and video 3 gives you the easy steps to painting them.

I am a crafter of sorts and spent many of years playing a no longer in production game called Heroscape.  I fell in love with thedungeon tiles game but the process of making my own stuff for it became a fun hobby of mine.  I painted the terrain tiles to represent things the game had not expanded to and I crafted some of my own terrain.  Some times I followed a guide other times I used my own innovation and imagination.

So for me I watch Dungeon Master G videos and now I am serious looking for some extra hours in my day or even week to give this a try because it not only looks easy and fun but the materials are inexpensive and Dungeon Master G’s step by step instructions are so easy to follow, how could I not pull it off.

So most of the materials that Dungeon Master G says you need, paint, brushes, popsicle sticks I already have so now I am amped to go give this a try.  Cardboard can be found cheap if you are willing to pay for it but local businesses recycle cardboard and will give it away if you ask, just ask anyone who has had to move, they know.


So if you are looking to elevate your gaming table to a new dimension I highly recommend checking out his channel and and seeing how you can enhance your gaming experience.  Look forward to our channels game play videos and hopefully you will get to see my handiwork, though sadly with the holidays it might have to wait until 2015 for me to give this a try.

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So with that Thanks for reading and I am Nerdarchist Ted saying, “Until next time, Stay Nerdy My friend!”



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    Also check out DM Scotty on his youtube page or on his forum, He's DMG's inspiration!

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