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Greetings and salutations Nerdarchy reader -This is part 1 of  the Nerd Bucket List, click here for part 2. For those who do not know, a “nerd bucket list” is a ‘to do’ list of nerdy goals one wishes to accomplish before they die. This combined with the multiple weekly top 10 lists that I see on YouTube each week has led me to believe that you, dear readers, need to have a bucket list of nerdy things you should do for your own nerdy good before you fail that saving throw and join the great LARP in the sky. This is in no particular order but these are things I have done or wish to do that I believeyou would be glad you did down to your dice loving, comics reading nerdy core.

Mentor the next generation

There is a joy and a satisfaction no one could understand until they have actually do it. Like Yoda teaching padawans, the act of passing on your knowledge and experience to those who come after you is a way of reliving your favorite moments of Nerdom.

From sharing a movie with someone who has never seen it, to teaching a game you enjoyed, the bonding experience is amazing. Way to often is the interaction between us, those social bonds, ignored in this world of MMORPG’s and text. Not saying there is anything wrong with them but I am saying that you should not forgo the bonds of shared experience that we of the (getting) older generation cherish so much from our childhood. We enjoy them so, why would we not want to experience it from the other point of view.

Revisit the past

Remember that game you enjoyed as a youth that was so mind altering it forever turned you into a nerd? Now years later we have phone’s with emulators, computers and consoles with re-releases or PDF licensed copies of table top games. Oh what a glorious age it is to be a Nerd in this day and age where retro is chic, and we have more power in the palm of our hands then the astronauts had in their entire shuttle that touched down on the moon.

Go on, go play the original Final Fantasy. Sit down for a moment and try to hit that speed run goal of Super Metroid. Grab a pizza and some friends and take turns showing off the very first role playing game that put dice in your hand. That amazing feeling can be made all the greater from your enhanced skill and knowledge allowing you to see how much you have progressed. Silver is great but polish it and it becomes something that truly shines… and bypasses many forms of damage reduction or regeneration.

Watch The Gamers, The Gamers: Dorkness Rising and The Gamers: Hands of Fate

These may seem oddly specific but they are so amazing they are a must my friends. Between the hilarious script, nerdy references, and amazing acting these three have become a phenomenon for a reason.

If you love them, and since you are a nerd that breathes and takes in nourishment I believe you will, I suggest ordering a DVD or Blu-Ray copy of your own so that you might enjoy all the extra’s and out takes. I have a copy and can assure you that it is very worth it. Scott C. Brown, Brian Lewis, Jen Page, Nathan Rice, Christian Doyle, and Carol Roscoe are hilarious and skilled actors and actresses who make every scene come to life in a way that shows in every movement that they are doing what they love to do.

Connect with your fellow nerd

There is meeting another nerd on the street, and then there is being in the center of a convention floor so thick with them that you cannot see your die roll if it falls out of your hand. The rush of meeting your idols, and finding many are just as excited to meet you. The throb of your heart when you see a truly amazing piece of work made by someone who is passionate about it. Even that unique feeling that everyone around you will get your inside jokes.

It is like being a kid in a candy store for your heart and mind. Though these come in many flavors, I personally would say E3, PAX prime (I could throw a rock and hit where it is held right now), and GenCon are my big three I wish to attend. You simply must attend a convention, you just have to.

Last for part 1 of the nerd bucket list but very important on its own.

Step out of the box

Try something new! We all have our safe zones, those things we like to do and know them like the back of our hand. Well, dear reader, I challenge you to get out there and try something new. Adamant comic reader?

Why not try out a role playing game like Mutants and Masterminds or an MMORPG like Champions Online? Love your Dungeons and Dragons? Why not try something aimed a lil darker like Ravenloft or World of Darkness? Call of Cthulhu?

Why not Zoidberg? Seriously am I the only one who see’s that character as being perfect for a campaign in that or any other game of freaks? *Shivers* I digress, just like we all try out a new band or song because a friend, DJ, or some music app suggests it… The same applies to Nerd culture. More then 15 years ago my friend’s Derek and Nathan convinced me to try World of Darkness. I have since fallen so in love with it that I have had a bookshelf break under the sheer weight of the books I purchased for it.

For Part 2 of the Nerd Bucket List click here

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