LFG? So you want to play games with a group?

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The first step is figuring out what games you are interested in playing in a group. Make a short list of the specific games or game types you are interested in playing or trying out. Then sort the list of games and types into most interested, interested, and least interested. If you only want to play Flux or Pyramids (shout out to Andy) then a pack of hard core live action role players is not for you right now. Now that you have an idea of your preferences you can craft a personal resume to get yourself the right game playing group for you. If you are the game master you may net yourself some new players that are ready to play exactly what you want to play in your group. I use the word “resume” because you will be showcasing your abilities, aptitude, style, games known and years in gaming. Basically everything gamer related and relevant to the type of gamers you want to play within.

LFG? So you want to play games with a group?

LFG?  So you want to play games with a group?

 The first thing to consider when beginning your game resume is that this is not a personal ad in a newspaper or a tweet, you can describe yourself as verbosely as you would like to your potential game group.

  • Don’t put in a huge list of modules or quests you have been on
  • or that time you did that awesome thing in a card game.
  • Those are things you can tell your new game group if they become your friends.
  • Right now remember you need to attract some players.

Depending on the competition in your area you may only need to be willing to play the same game as the group that is interested in having a GM as their new player.

If not keep in mind that you should at least have the ability to express how you stand out, since many RPGs use words if they aren’t simple card flopping. No offense card floppers, I too enjoy a rousing game of flopping ever now and again! Err moving on.

LFG? So you want to play games with a group?

First is the title. This should sum up your intentions, LFG, game master in need of players, etc. plus what you are looking for.

LFG RPG pathfinder, GM in need of players D&D 3.5 ed, LFG board games will travel to you! are a few examples.

Second in importance and order is the body of the post. This is where you sell your skills and what you can bring to the game both figuratively and literally.

-Insert your name- is a role player familiar with 2nd through 4th ed Dungeons and Dragons, as well as Mutants and masterminds, I own 7 versions of Flux plus Cthulhu munchkins that I am willing to bring with me.”

There is going be a group somewhere looking for that player who knows both of those rpgs and could also provide the group with a card game to play when the full group wasn’t present.

So you want to play games with a group?

You will also need to include details like distance you are willing to travel, how late you are willing and expecting to stay up. Do you like a particular type of character class in a rpg or do you not like any board games that takes most of the evening(i.e. Risk, arkham horror).

Regardless of your individual skills and flaws these details set you apart from the other people looking for groups but it also distinguishes you from other players that a group does not want. Maybe you are that fourth player for Settlers of Catan that a group has always wanted and they will never ask you to join a rpg.  Or maybe they want to be scared out of their gourds by an expert in Ravenloftian suspense and horror.

LFG? So you want to play games with a group?

Filling out your gamer resume honestly and succinctly will set you on the right path to find the type people you really want.

If this post was helpful to your gamer resume then stay a while and enjoy yourself with some of the other posts on the site or check out our Facebook group.

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