Kickstarter Korner for November 2018, Week 3

New D&D Campaign Setting -- Guildmaster's Guide To Ravnica
Monstrous Humanoids in 5E D&D

Each week during the Quests & Adventures live chat, Saturday at 2 p.m. eastern, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nate the Nerdarch hang out live with fans from the Nerdarchy YouTube channel. It’s a chance to share announcements and news, answer questions from the live chat and generally just hang out and talk nerdy with the Nerdarchy community.

In the description of each weekly video, Nerdarchist Ted compiles a list and links to all the videos and website content from the week. But he also shares a selection of cool Kickstarter campaigns. As an avid Kickstarter supporter, he’s happy to share his favorite RPG and gaming-related Kickstarters with you, the Nerdarchy community. Enjoy!

RPG Related Kickstarters

Protip: Go forth and create! Whenever we engage with D&D or any RPG, we are exercising our imagination and creating new scenarios, characters, situations and scenes. They might be cut from whole cloth or borrowed from our favorite films, shows and literature, but they’re all getting a unique spin once we fold them into our games. Especially considering the collaborative nature of RPGs, a Game Master’s best laid plans change pretty much immediately upon contact with the other players. The same is true for players though, too. The characters we envision in private develop, change and become something different through creative interactions with the others in our games.

Creation doesn’t only occur at the table though of course. Before and between sessions, GMs and players alike let their imaginations wander and come up with new twists and turns, quirks and hooks to try out the next time. And this is only considering theater of the mind roleplaying!

There are a ton of people out there creating all sorts of amazing things to add to their games. Crafted terrain and miniatures, props and handouts, maps, character art, overlays for their streamed games — and this only scratches the surface.

Take a look at any of the Kickstarter projects above and look at all the ways folks are discovering and sharing their creativity through the medium of these RPGs we all love so much. From new ways of playing to new accessories for games, the RPG community never fails to astonish with how many creative people out there are making new things inspired by these games.

These creations are not even limited to the gaming table either. The RPGenerations Kickstarter is a collection of comics inspired by tabletop adventures, filled with humor and insights. The scenarios in the sample comics remind me of situations from my own games. Maybe not exactly, but striking a balance of fantasy heroism and absurd situations that come up all the time in games.

So that’s my protip for you this week — let your creativity guide you! Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with new ideas both in your games and outside of them. And then share your creations! The RPG community is filled with wonderful people who I’m sure would love to share the experience of your creativity. Keep at it, keep making new things and having fun. And stay nerdy, too.

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