Intro to Jewelry and Metalworking | Nerd Craft

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This is the intro article for Jewelry and Metalworking for Nerdarchy’s new video series, Nerd Craft.

The Nerd Craft playlists are where all of the eager crafters and makers can come over to gain information and see instructions on the creation of all types of nerdy things.

Intro to Jewelry and Metalworking | Nerd Craft metroid medalNerd Craft as a whole is a broad group of craft skills considering right now I am thinking of Metroid Medals and Cthulhu scarves.

But for right now let us reign it in and just talk about Jewelry and Metalworking. Let us go even further and talk about some of the videos to expect from Nerdarchist Ted and Nate the Nerdarch in the future.

Intro to Jewelry and Metalworking | Nerd Craft

Another great  thing that many of you can identify with is that I took 30 credits worth of jewelry and metalworking classes so now I feel like I am using something for which I paid way to much money.

Whahoo! I am finally using that giant money sink known as higher education for something.

Cost cast aside I had a great time and learned many cool techniques which I hope you will enjoy learning about as well.

We will go through the steps in several pewter casting techniques.

pewter dice Intro to Jewelry and Metalworking | Nerd CraftFrom simple dice to more complex shapes and metalworking Ted and I will be going through many metal working techniques.

These metalworking skills will be usable with other metals while being the easiest and safest to accomplish when using pewter as our medium.

Pewter is one of the most malleable metals when it is in sheet form but it is also the least forgiving of abuse. Hit it too hard with a hammer and it might as well be sent back to the melting pot.

But with a such a low melting point, pewter is idea for beginners since it can be melted at temperatures found on a stove top or barbeque grill.

We will be using several casting and shaping techniques; silicon, plaster, and soapstone molds. As well as showing how to coat a mold for a thin sheet of pewter in the shape of the object.

Intro to Jewelry and Metalworking | Nerd Craft

Let Nerdarchist Ted or I know what you would like to see in the future for Jewelry and Metalworking or with any of the other nerd crafts.

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Until next time, Stay Nerdy

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