Interactive Entertainment: Live Action Investigation at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

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I came prepared for sleuthing in my Sherlock Holmes deer stalker cap.

Wednesday evenings at the Philadelphia Museum of Art special events are organized from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm, and this past Wednesday the evenings theme was “Game Night“.  Several game stations were set-up around the museum with games such as Jenga, Scrabble, Operation, Clue, Carcassonne, Sorry!, and several others (though I wish there were some more “non-standard” games selected!), a Clue themed drawing session with the model’s dressed as the characters from the iconic board game, and “Investigators”, a live action puzzle game created by Plain Sight Game Co.


Interactive Entertainment at the Philadelphia Museum of Art


A nefarious organization has infiltrated the Philadelphia Museum of Art and I’m not talking about the Modernist art movement, but this that had dark designs on the art collection of the museum.  Or at least that’s the premise of Plain Sight Game Co.’s interactive entertainment game “Investigators”.  In quasi-Dan Brown, “The Davinci Code” style, you track clues around the exhibitions of the museum to discover which of two dastardly organizations has it in for the museum’s art collection.  If you have ever been to the Philadelphia Art Museum, you know it is massive, so thankfully, this adventure was confined to one wing of the the museum, but still offers participants the opportunity to burn a fair amount of calories as you scurry around solving the five visual and word puzzles that the mystery encompasses.


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This is the wood panel you’re looking for!


“Investigators” could have benefited from a bit more variety as having four picture matching scenarios felt a little repetitive, but I also recognize that Greg Loring-Albright of Plain Sight Game Co. must have been under constraints when designing his puzzles to not actually endanger actual cultural relics!  The friend I went sleuthing with and myself constantly made “Davinci Code” jokes about breaking open paintings and other objects of art in the pursuit of “clues”.  Also factor in that the target demographic was largely families and children and you can see that the puzzlement needed to skew toward to the easier end of the spectrum.


I enjoyed the premise and I could see an entertainment experience game like this taking off as it’s own attraction- I’ve had a few friends that have gone to Escape the Room events here in Philadelphia that are similarly a puzzle game form of entertainment.  I’ll definitely be keeping a look-out for what Plain Sight Game Co. is up to in the future.  Until next time- Stay Nerdy!


Greg Loring-Albright designs games for groups, organizations, and events.

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