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Following up on the success of her first Kickstarter campaign, New Zealand’s Bridget Hughes returns to the crowdfunding platform with a new project! Under the Wayward Masquerade brand, Hughes created Bagthulhu, the diabolically adorable Cthulhu dicebag. Now the crafter has turned her imaginative attention to the great wyrms we all know and love from Dungeons & Dragons and fantasy lore to present Dragon Bagons: CR 10 Dragon dice bags Kickstarter.

Who would you rather trust your dice to?

Dragon Bagons Kickstarter dice
It’s dragons, it’s dice – it’s Dragon Bagons!

Launched on Tuesday, Oct. 24, Dragon Bagons surpassed a third of the goal in days, with an end date of Nov. 21. Bagthulhu already spread its eldritch dominance across the globe, and these legendary beasties will not be outdone!

Dragons in lore famously guard treasure hoards with fang and claw and fiery breath. Can you think of a better guardian for your precious polyhedral dice? Spoiler: Dragon Bagons possess no natural attacks or breath weapons. But they are fearsomely cute and made of cuddly microfleece. Beneath the plushy scales, spikes and ridges of its draconic head, a double drawstring dice bag holds 100 standard dice for your Dragon Bagon to jealously protect.

What Kickstarter means

A crafter at heart, Hughes’ work spans everything from the Bagthulhu to Santa hats for horses. But in order to share her work with a larger audience and make Dragon Bagons accessible to everyone, the handmade route cannot meet the demand. Instead, Kickstarters like this open up manufacturing options. Handmade crafts are expensive, and successful Kickstarters like Bagthulhu and the current Dragon Bagons campaign makes the cost much more affordable. It also frees up Hughes’ time to develop wonderful new creations.

Evolution of dice bags

Apples to apples, Dragon Bagons showcases Hughes’ refined crafting skill. Wings, scales, acrylic eyes and more highlight additional details beyond the cuddly cosmic horror of Bagthulhu.

Want to compare for yourself? One of the pledge levels for Dragon Bagons includes a manufactured Bagthulhu (supplies limited).

Dragon Bagons can even be customized with different main, contrast and highlight colors. If you draconic vision is epically powerful, you can even work with Hughes to create a completely custom Dragon Bagon or Drakeling.

While not a dice bag itself, the drakeling is a hybrid toy-ornament-wearable item. Drakelings share the same cuteness qualities as Dragon Bagons, too. And as the Kickstarter suggests, drakelings like dice too and can often be found curled around a handful of the funny-shaped objects we all love to roll.

Dragon Bagon goals and options

Charrlotte, ambassador dragon for Dragon Bagons. For every $50 (NZD) the campaign raises, a die will be added to her hoard. The ultimate goal is a small mountain of dice with a very smug dragon sitting on top.

I’m no Kickstarter expert, but it looks like there’s a heck of a lot of options available to pledge backers. There’s the young Dragon Bagon, and adult Dragon Bagons with customizable colors. There’s drakelings, and elder Dragon Bagons. There’s various bundles, and add-ons including custom d6 dice. There’s first generation Dragon Bagons and a rainbow color combination. Dragon backpacks, double-sized Dragon Bagons and a world tour adventure for a Dragon Bagon on the table.

What most impresses me about the Dragon Bagons Kickstarter is the person behind the project. On the campaign page, Hughes’ sincerity and joy shines through. Several times on the campaign page she mentions opportunities to work directly with her to create special one-of-a-kind handmade items and shares her insights on why she’s doing this and what she’s learned along the way.

It’s very clear that Hughes puts equal effort into not just creating and crafting but the whole process from start to finish and beyond, and with the consumer in mind. Growing from a one-person operation to a small team of passionate helpers is a big enough change by itself.

On top of that she is navigating the manufacturing world as well to find the right fit for the job. She addresses her goal of selecting an ethical manufacturer, which tells me she’s mindful of much more than simply meeting the goal and selling a bunch of merchandise.

Hughes’ transparency and communication with the Kickstarter community shows me she does her best to continually improve not just her work but the service to fans, supporters and fellow gamers. As a self-professed RPG geek herself, she’s combining her craft skill and love of roleplaying games to share these unique products and the response looks overwhelmingly positive.

Click here to learn more about the Dragon Bagons Kickstarter and make your pledge. You can ask questions and engage with the rest of the campaign community there, too.

You can also find Bridget Hughes and Wayward Masquerade on social media through these links:

No head out, brave adventurers, to make an alliance with Dragon Bagons and begin your own treasure hoard – of dice!

Oh, and stay nerdy!

*This article is sponsored by Wayward Masquerade, creator of the the Dragon Bagons Kickstarter

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