NPC Kit (Sapphire Dagger) – One D&D 5E Fighter for Each Race

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You are a busy Dungeon Master. While there are lots of great adventures bouncing around the ranging, wide Internet (both free and pay versions), it is always useful to have some quick NPCs at hand to populate a tavern, throw a shoulder at a PC while they walk down the bustling street of your fantasy city or to meet a Player Character with a ready blade when they have a few too many hit points. Please find below 9 Dungeons & Dragon 5E Fighters, one in each of the game’s races, ready to make your game more colorful, fun and memorable.


Race Class (Background)


Melee Ranged Armor

Aspect 1

Aspect 2

Aspect 3



Half-Elf Fighter (Guild Artisan, Painter)

Geneth Acowal

Gauntlets Longbow Leather

Has the undying loyalty of Preman and Merilith

Making a geographic drawing with kills

Afraid of Cats



Human Fighter (Acolyte)

Brenin Horst

Longsword Shield Half Plate

Failed Cleric of Shragon (lost blessing for stealing)

Carries the Grisnol Family Heritage Sword

Unreasonable anger toward Bards


Elf Fighter (Noble)

Ilgha Vanth Ulyain

Longsword Longsword Mithral

Left Elven High Court out of anger when her father left her mother

Still communicates with her sister with Magical Pool Stones

Has a beautiful singing voice she hides


Halfling Fighter (Entertainer)

Thrickle the Cautious

Longsword Composite Longbow Ring

Cares for Suji, his riding dog

Loves to Play Three Dragon Ante, but is terrible at it

Childhood friend, Baron Harkelo


Half-Orc Fighter (Outlander)

Obther of Red Plenst

Greatsword Throwing Axes None

Served with the brutal warband, Rubble Reign

Taught to fight by Shea Magron

Buried Shea Magron on Merbalt Bluff


Dragonborn Fighter (Sailor)

Rethlor “Ironscale” Luskile

Scythe Daggers Half Plate

Accidently activates breath weapon when he sneezes

Believes birds are the tastiest of all animals

Survivor of Battle of Trara’s Pass


Tiefling Fighter (Soldier)

Brimborl Arshald

Mace Sling Breastplate

Once ate from the corpse of a Bark-Rager

A sucker for a good sob story

Savage when confronted by an evil foe


Gnome Fighter (Sage)

Kailee of GreyHollow

Dagger Dagger Leather

Adventures specifically to find historical texts

Working on a multi-cultural treatise on fallen female adventurers

Enjoys kite flying


Dwarf Fighter (Soldier)

Athryon Fgorjnorn

Short Sword Crossbow Scale

Stole the real Athryon’s name

An excellent cook

Knows all passages through Peathmerl Shade Path



I hope these make your game this week a little fresher, and if any of these NPCs interact with your Player Characters in a unique way, please let us know right here in the comments below or on Nerdarchy’s Facebook page. Thank you.

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