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NPC Kit (Ruby Dove) – One D&D 5E wizard for each race

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A TTRPG GM is like a Swiss Army knife

The next installment in the Garibay NPC Kit Series. Please find below nine Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition wizards, one in each of the game’s races from the Player’s Handbook, ready to make your game more colorful, fun and memorable.

Nine distinct flavors of D&D wizard


Race Class (Background)


Melee Ranged Armor

Aspect 1

Aspect 2

Aspect 3

Half-Elf Wizard (Noble)

Aramvir Kalum

None Daggers (3) None

Spider Familiar (“Spin”)

Fourth in line for the Black Loral

Is very particular about spell component quality


D&D wizard

Human Wizard (Soldier)


Quarterstaff Sling None

Cat Familiar (“Elmorl”)

Served as an “Obscurer” in the Pallos Boldra War

Excellent horse rider (and enjoys racing)


Elf Wizard (Charlatan)

Vedron Masiya

None Daggers (3) Leather

Owl Familiar (“Feeny”)

Runs a version of three-card monte that involves live turtles

Quiet spoken


D&D wizard

Halfling Wizard (Sage)

Ralna Averi

None Daggers (3) None

Poisonous Snake Familiar (“Fong”)

Carries a Queen’s letter that is six centuries old

Frequently uses her own neologisms


Half-Orc Wizard (Folk Hero)


Quarterstaff Sling None

Lizard Familiar (“Hey, You”)

Saved a village of fisherfolk from a giant octopus

Refuses to build the campfire (ever)


Dragonborn Wizard (Guild Artisan, Calligrapher)

Ouvo “Three Slice” Vrin

None None None

Raven Familiar (“Jaspel”)

Enjoys writing thank you notes

Courteous to a fault


D&D wizard

Tiefling Wizard (Sage)

Brimborl Arshald

Dagger None None

Weasel Familiar (“Ilstnorn”)

Brother of Almyra the Merciless

Lasting scar on left thigh


Gnome Wizard (Sailor)

Crows Nest

Dagger Daggers (3) Leather

Fish (Quipper) Familiar (“Splorsh”)

Absolute master knotter



Dwarf Wizard (Acolyte)

Hundra Kelria

Dagger None None

Bat Familiar (“Nether”)

Lost a paramour at an early age and now is aloof

Wears an iron ring on a simple chain



I hope these make your game this week a little fresher and if any of these NPCs interact with your Player Characters in a unique way, please let us know right here in the comments below or on Nerdarchy’s Facebook page. Thank you.


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