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Horizon Zero Dawn gameHorizon Zero Dawn is an epic new video game created by Guerrilla Games. Sony Interactive Entertainment released this 2017 Triple A game exclusively on PlayStation 4. This title is a major coup for Playstation as Sony continues to dominate the console market with the most Triple A games being available (or available exclusively) for their specific Playstation platform. Horizon Zero Dawn was also specifically well timed for Sony as the release was the only thing that could dull the gleaming shine of the Nintendo Switch Launch.

I watched my son Xavier play through this Triple A video game and knew immediately I needed to build a Garibay Game Kit to allow Gamemasters to run a Horizon Zero Dawn campaign.


A Garibay Game Kit is a tool to allow you to run a Tabletop Roleplaying Game Campaign within a specific world setting within a single week of the idea with all members of your player crew having access to the world setting and the Tabletop Roleplaying Game Ruleset for free.

This is only possible with a free Tabletop Roleplaying Game Ruleset, of which Evil Hat’s amazing Fate Accelerated Ruleset is by far the best. It also requires a world setting that has been categorized and detailed and made available on the Web.

A Garibay Game Kit highlights 1.) a Tabletop Roleplaying Game Ruleset, 2.) a World Setting, 3.) Player Character Options, 4.) Story Arcs, and 5.) NPCs.

What do you need to use this specific Garibay Game Kit (Sapphire Bow)?

  • A skilled, enthusiastic, innovative Gamemaster
  • Two or more experienced Tabletop Roleplaying Game Players
  • Fate Accelerated Ruleset


Game System Fate Accelerated Ruleset

Game Setting – Earth, 3005 AD. Clan warriors struggling to best robotic dinosaurs and beasts. This campaign will start five years after the events at the end of the Horizon Zero Dawn video game.

Gamemaster Dials – Gamemaster should decide –


HIGH CONCEPT – Player Characters (PCs) will have the option to run any of the following –

  • Clan Elite
  • Clan Hunter Archer
  • Bandit Elite
  • Bandit Warrior
  • Clan Prowler Trainer
  • Clan Brave Trainer
  • Clan Forager Trainer

BOWS – PCs may begin play with one selection from below –

  • BowHunter BowSharpshot BowWar Bow
    Each bow comes with a selection of Arrows, including 10 Hunter and 5 of choice, uniform or mixed (Fire, Freeze, Hardpoint, Shock, Precision, Tearblast, Harvest).

WEAPONS – PCs may begin play with one selection from below –

TRAPS – PCs may begin play with one selection from below –

OVERRIDES – PCs may begin play with a Focus and an Override for any one specific machine listed below –

STUNTS – PCs begin with two stunts from the selection below –


Story Arcs to jump start your campaign include –



This is the first Garibay Game Kit, born from sheer excitement at seeing the stunning storytelling accomplishment that Horizon Zero Dawn is. Please let me know if there are World Settings you would like to see Garibay Game Kits created for or if there are ways you think Garibay Game Kits can be made better. I would be grateful for your feedback right here in the comments below or on Nerdarchy’s Facebook page. Thank you.

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