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Title – Stone Dove

Goal – A free Tabletop Roleplaying Game adventure in 1,000 words or less.

Setting Pure American Western (e.g. 310 to Yuma, True Grit, Unforgiven) / Set in fictional town Arb Gulch, Arizona, in 1876 / Arb Gulch is located 20 miles north of Tombstone, Arizona (where the Gunfight at the OK Corral occurs in 1881).

Game Systems – “Stone Dove” can be played for free using the following Open Gaming License TRPG systems – Fate Accelerated or Fate Core or Open Legend. “Stone Dove” can also be played using the following proprietary TRPG systems – Cypher or GURPS.

Pairing – “Stone Dove” pairs seamlessly paired with “The Almost Widow” adventure.

Acronyms – TRPG (Tabletop Roleplaying Game), PC (Player Character), NPC (Non-PC),GM (Gamemaster)


Arb Gulch – Western Boom Town / 1,200 residents with many sojourners traveling to, through and from. / Abernath Rail passes a half mile away.

Ricker’s Pass – A rocky bluff, excellent for hunting small game.


Grey Turtle – Human (Male) / Tohono Scout / Bow and Arrow, Dual Hatchets, Bolo / Black Friesian (mount)

Stone Dove – Human (Female) / Tohono Gatherer / Basket

Jasper Hilspeth – Human (Male) / Arb Gulch’s Optometrist / Pocket Knife / Jasper went on a birding expedition from Arb Gulch two and a half years ago. On a night walk Jasper came across a Holly Patch. At the Holly Patch, Jasper met Stone Dove, a Tohono Gatherer who knew some English she had learned from the tribe’s trader. Stone Dove and Jasper spoke for 35 minutes. At the end of their talk, Stone Dove said she would like to talk to Jasper again right at that same spot (17 miles northeast of Arb Gulch) during the next Blue Moon.

Melvin Harth – Human (Male) / Pinkerton Agent out of Raleigh, North Carolina / Colt Paterson Revolver

Blake Abernath – Human (Male) / Rail Baron / Gold Pocket Watch / Has extensive homes in Baltimore, Atlanta and Boston, and stays in Arb Gulch as little as possible.

Victoria Abernath – Human (Female) / Blake’s Wife / Addicted to laudanum. / Friends with Meribeth Holzer (operator of the Golden Spike Saloon).


Ricker’s Pass

Detail – One of the PCs is hunting at Ricker’s Pass. The PC is still and quiet, about to shoot a badger when they hear faint echoes. When the PC approaches the point where the echoes are emanating from, they see they are 100 feet above an area where two men are speaking below. One man (Jasper) is wearing a rough suit and a bowler hat. The other man (Grey Turtle) has feathers in his hair and wears light bone pieces across his chest. The two men are unaware of the PC above them. The acoustics of the bluff carry the words of the two men with crystal clarity. Jasper throws Grey Turtle a small pouch. Jasper says, “ Tonight is the Blue Moon. Ten silver dollars. Just as promised. You need to take me tonight.”  Grey Turtle jingles the pouch, “This is enough. I will get you to your rendezvous point. Be here when the moon rises just over that spruce. I will wait for as long as it takes me to hear the call of three wrens, and then I will leave, with or without you.” Jasper and Grey Turtle ride off – Jasper to Arb Gulch and Grey Turtle toward the south.

PC Catalyst (Radical) – PCs can be engaged in this event with the following Catalyst. If the PC who witnessed Jasper and Grey Turtle talk tells the other party members, any of the PCs who are told can make an Investigation or Knowledge Local Lore check to know Grey Turtle is a radical opponent to the Abernath Rail and is currently sought by Pinkerton Agent Melvin Harth (hired by Blake Abernath). Further investigation into why Grey Turtle is sought by Harth will expose that Grey Turtle’s sabotage caused the Delmont Collapse (a tunnel collapse that killed three Chinese rail workers).


Detail – If the PCs choose to stop Grey Turtle from escorting Jasper that night, they will not be able to find Grey Turtle until he meets Jasper at the Ricker’s Pass that evening. If the PCs engage Grey Turtle at Ricker’s Pass, he will fight them with all of his weapons as well as seven trained wolves that lie in wait nearby. Grey Turtle’s wolves will attack as soon as Grey Turtle is threatened. If the PCs follow Grey Turtle and Jasper, Grey Turtle will attempt to kill Jasper with his hatchets when they pass through Sandhill (6 miles northeast of Arb Gulch). If the PCs defeat Grey Turtle, Jasper will implore them to take him to the Holly Patch to meet Stone Dove. (A soft, unarmed city dweller with little sense of direction, Jasper is incapable of making the journey to the Holly Patch.) If the PCs take Jasper to the Holly Patch, Stone Dove will be waiting for Jasper there.


“Stone Dove” is an adventure that is designed specifically to supply the PCs with an interesting location and an event that calls for a distinct decision and then actions based on that decision. In addition to its use in a standard TRPG game, the length of “Stone Dove” is ideal to use for convention games as well. Thank you.

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