Garibay 1K Adventure (Onyx Slide) – A Fate Accelerated Adventure Set in “Sliders”

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SlidersSliders was an epic science fiction television series that ran for five seasons between 1995 and 2000. Sliders was the story of four intrepid adventurers who used a wormhole vortex to “slide” between different Parallel Universes. The adventurers used a slide timer (a portable device) to be aware of when they could slide to another Parallel Universe. The timing of each slide had to be carefully managed because if the adventurers missed their slide window, they would be stranded in the current Parallel Universe for 29.7 years. While the four adventurers waited for the next slide, they would often become involved in events within the current Parallel Universe (despite attempts to remain uninvolved). Because the technology they used to slide was not fully tested before the first slide, the four adventurers could not control what Parallel Universe they slid to next. They also could not select their origin universe, Earth Prime, as a destination on the slide timers, so each slide was a slim hope that they would be able to slide home. Presented here is a Garibay 1K Adventure (an adventure present in 1,000 words or less) to allow Gamemasters to run a unique Sliders Adventure (Onyx Slide).


Game System Fate Accelerated Rules Set (Free or Donate to Evil Hat Games, your choice)

Game Setting – Starts on Earth Prime directly after the episode “This Slide of Paradise,” the last episode of Sliders Season 3. # This game assumes all of Sliders Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are canon and Season 4 and 5 have never occurred because they are future content. # The gamemaster has the choice to leave Season 4 and 5 content out or incorporate in future games if they wish.

Acronyms – TRPG (Tabletop Roleplaying Game), PC (Player Character), NPC (Non-PC), GM (Gamemaster)


Players can make any PC that can originate from Earth Prime (e.g. police officer, astronaut, art teacher, pop star).


The PCs are flown out to San Francisco at Emily Wells’ (Wade’s sister) expense. Emily meets all of the PCs together in a rented backroom at the Jade Wolf (a hot pot restaurant Emily chose for privacy and comfort). Emily shows the PCs a slide timer and explains that she has gone to great lengths to procure this slide timer. Emily says Wade has been missing for an extended period and she believes Wade went sliding with Quinn. Emily declares that she intends to slide after her sister, but her research has determined that the slide timers are not reliable. She wants the PCs to test the slide timer on one slide, return to her and report their findings. Emily offers $25,000 cash immediately and a boon (a special prize that each PC can name) when they return.


  • CORE NPC Quinn Mallory – High Concept – Physics Grad Student # Trouble – Secret Past # Aspect: Inquisitive # Aspect: Bold # Approaches – Careful +1 Quick +4 Forceful +2 Clever +4 Flashy +2 Sneaky +2

  • CORE NPC Wade Wells – High Concept – Spirited Adventurer # Trouble – Quinn’s Best Friend # Aspect: Contemplative # Aspect: Diligent # Approaches – Careful +3 Quick +2 Forceful +2 Clever +3 Flashy +2 Sneaky +2
  • CORE NPC Rembrandt “Cryin’ Man” Brown – High Concept – Blues Man # Trouble – Bad Timing # Aspect: Empathizer # Aspect: Common Man’s Champion # Approaches – Careful +3 Quick +2 Forceful +2 Clever +3 Flashy +4 Sneaky +3
  • NPC Maximillian Arturo – Status, Deceased # His corpse is on the Nous Avons Gagne Parallel Universe
  • NPC Emily Wells – High Concept – Successful Silicon Valley Developer # Trouble – Wade’s Sister # Aspect: Among the Cognitive Elite # Aspect: Driven # Approaches – Careful +2 Quick +1 Forceful +1 Clever +4 Flashy +2 Sneaky +3


If the PCs accept Emily’s proposition, their slide will be to any of the following Parallel Universes (GMs choice).

  • Nous Avons Gagne – France won World War Two three months before the US entered the fray
  • 40 Acres and A Mule – The US gave reparations to the ancestors of Colonial Slaves and early American Slaves, specifically the states of New York, Texas and California in 1950 # Washington (state), Montana and Florida were given to the Native Americans in 1976
  • White Glove – Dueling was never made illegal in the US and is bigger than ever


Sliders brought me a lot of joy when it was on television. There are no new episodes being made now, but my hope is Onyx Slide gives you one more episode that is special and exciting for you and your players. Please let me know your thoughts on this adventure right here in the comments below or on Nerdarchy’s Facebook page. Thank you. Slide In – 3, 2, 1 – GO!

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