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This past weekend was the first South Jersey Geek Fest and I was impressed.  Let’s face it when it comes to local events you never know what you are going to get. I have to be honest I was a little leery when I first walked in, no one was in costume, there wasn’t many people there yet, and the venue wasn’t very big. Things quickly took a turn for the better though, the costumes started trickling in, I started talking to some of the vendors, and the crowd began to grow. Then it happened, Jenga on a giant sized scale.  We noticed a large crowd begin to form around a table with three gamers and a Storm Trooper.    All squaring off for the prestige of being named the ultimate South Jersey Geek Fest Jumbo Jenga Master.


OK it wasn’t an official tournament or anything, but it was very entertaining to watch.  I mean “Come On Already”, it could not have been easy for that poor Storm Troop to maneuver Jenga blocks in his armor. Besides everyone knows how terrible a storm trooper’s aim is. Those Jenga blocks must of been pure hell for him.

Let’s face it South Jersey isn’t that big of an area so I never really anticipated getting any really cool local events going on for the nerd and geek community. I pretty much figure Nerdarchy was going to have to start our own if we wanted it to happen on any kind of grand scale.  Then low and behold Geek Fest comes along and knocks one out of the park on their first try.

Personal highlights from Geek Fest

  • Getting to demo Resistor. Check it out on Facebook.
  • Watch my son and brothers demo Kobolds. Again you need to check this game out on Facebook.
  • Meeting the guys from Black Slither Games and getting to pick up my copy of Bear vs. Gorilla vs. Hippie vs. CEO
  • Finding Pixel Lincoln and meeting up with creator Jason Tagmire.

At this point I’m sure there are many folks waiting for next years South Jersey Geek Fest or maybe they’ve been inspired to give running their own local event a shot.

Nerdarchy’s Aftermath South Jersey Geek Fest Video!

I’d feel more than a little remiss if I didn’t mention there were a handful of talented artist with tables chilling at the Fest as well.  I really enjoyed Anthony Parisi’s style.  I almost bought one of his graphic novels and it even came with a music CD.  It was a comic book about a rock band which really isn’t my kind of comic and I still almost bought it.

Parisi Studios was Anthony’s company name I really enjoyed his art and he seemed like a really great guy.  I plan to connect with him later and get some work done or at the very least buy some prints. There was also a couple of 8-Bit artist there as well.

We Facebooked and Ista-grammed through out the day so if you were connected to us in either of those places you would of gotten live updates.  It’s not to late to get those updates for the next event.

Do us a big favor and start attacking those share buttons like they have XP and loot give. We’d also love to know what’s on your mind and we have a nifty comments section just for it. Feel free to share your experiences with cons below.

Until next time stay nerdy my friends.

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  1. Martin Hoffman
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    Dave Friant mentions the joy of "… introducing my 13 yr old son to table top RPG's." Well, I've got to thank you guys for introducing my son to table top RPG's at #SJGEEKFEST. (He's about the same age). It's pretty hard to "explain" the D&D experience so I never really tried, but in a noisy venue with many distractions you guys managed to run a good game from start to finish in two hours with with both experienced and inexperienced gamers playing a balanced party of characters. Incredible! Yeah, you took some short-cuts (what choice was there?) but now my boy has had a taste of what it's all about. He loved playing the prototype video games downstairs, but said his favorite thing was the D&D experience. It was a blast. Thanks again! – Martin, Sr.

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