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    Hi Dave, Ted, Ryan, & Nate:

    My players and I are having a fantastic time using Swashbuckling Manuevers via Fighter-Battlemaster Lv 3+ & Monk Open Hand Lv2+.
    I cannot recommend this combination enough and would love to hear your thoughts on the themes and effectiveness of this build. Ryan would have a field day with it.

    Also, a homebrew author named Khaalis has created a new class – the Light Fighter which is a compilation of the best Swashbuckler class attempts, as well as translation of Monte Cooks Unearthed Arcana’s “Unfettered” class. I truly hope WoTC picks up on it. It caputure’s the concept far better than the Sword Coast Rogue Archetype.

    Lastly, the amount of quality content you have pumping out is astounding, and I was super excited to watch your recent interviews. It is also really great to see Nate back. I enjoy his wry humor and insight, and he rounds out your team well. 🙂


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