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    Have a new 5e Planescape Campaign starting in the next week or so and I’m thinking of doing a story based on the classic module “Expedition to the Barrier Peaks” and “Metamorphosis Alpha.”

    A crashed spelljammer (in this case the “spelljammer” will be more of a techno mage plane shifting spaceship) is found in Sigil by the players. After investigating the craft, the players will have the option to travel to the mothership and have a dungeon crawl based on “Metamorphosis Alpha.” Knowing my players, they may forgo the rest of the story and just want to go for a joyride in crashed spelljammer. Therefore, I’ve come up with some basic stats for the ship. I don’t want the ship to be overly powerful or weak. My goal is that a dragon or two could give it a run for its money. Many of the ship’s systems will be damaged or not functioning, but wanted to have an idea of what it’s capabilities are when fully operational. Please take a look and let me know what you think:


    Gargantuan Craft – Can accommodate up to 7-13 med size humanoids comfortably

    Speed: Fly 70 ft, Swim 30 ft, Burrow 30 ft

    AC 17

    Plane Shift entire ship and everything onboard – Once per week

    Shielding – 150 Hit Points (reg: 20 Points per round / Once depleted – Takes 24 hours until it begins to recharge again)

    Hull Plating – 300 Hit Points (Once Hull Hit Points are depleted, systems are directly vulnerable to attack and hull can be breached by damage) (All damage to Hull Hit Points must be repaired)

    Weapons – (one standard action – pick one / to hit bonus is based on pilot or gunner’s stats)
    • 1 ray of radiant energy – 10d10 radiant Damage (Save Dex DC 21 /half) Range 90/150 ft.
    • 1 repulsing beam – pushes a small-large object or creature (50 feet away per round) Range 60/150 ft.
    • 1 tracker beam – pulls a small-large object or creature (30 feet closer per round) Range 60/150 ft.

    1 Basic Bridge (I’ll give the bridge a computer that has a voice activation system for story purposes)
    4 State Rooms: 6 basic (200 square feet each), 1 Caption’s Quarters (luxurious 400 square feet),
    Engine room: with a Fuel Processor (can create fuel for ship)
    Vehicle Bay: with a excursion/escape craft – accommodate 8 people (Speed: Fly 40 ft, Swim 40 ft, Burrow 40ft)
    Cargo Hold: 600 square feet (can be converted into 3 additional state room)

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