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    I have been thinking lately about wizards vs. Sorc with the battlemage videos that came out a week or two ago. It got me thinking, what about a dwarven mage? One of the tropes of fantasy is that dwarves in some cases lack or have less magic abilities than other, so I wondered how to create a dwarven mage. I don’t want to play just a regular mage, but would like a dwarven mage. From there what are some thoughts on which class? What about adapting certain spells to fit a stone motif? I am fine with some fire spells as well, since I see mining and forging as something a dwarf would understand, hence fire and stone. Would love some thoughts, feedback, spells, etc!

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    My first thought when it comes to how a dwarven mage would play out, is that perhaps instead of a staff for an arcane focus, he has rings/trinkets woven or tied into his epic beard. Because you know it is a prerequisite that all dwarves have epic beards! You could even go a step further and say the dwarf was a miner, so he has a pickaxe with a gemstone/crystal lodged within it somewhere and that when you swing it, it casts spells that way. Flavoring spells to be stone might be tricky though. Flavoring them as lava might be an easier way to do it though.

    Taking a step away from spells for a moment, another possibility is that your dwarf would use ancient dwarven sigils/runestones as their base for magic. More of a runecaster (is that a thing?) or maybe that prestige class, Rune Scribe. Though it’s a prestige class where you need to be at least lvl 5 to start it, you could say that you found a rune during a mining excavation.

    Those are my thematic ideas. Hope they helped a bit. I don’t know the technical specifics (the numbers part) off the top of my head, but I’m sure someone will chime in on that part for ya. Good luck with your build!

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    First off I think it’s a very cool idea.

    I would probably avoid things like charm spells, illusions, and necro spells except those that boosted health, resistance, con and strength. Summon monster I would probably replace with a summon earth elemental suitable to their level. Instead of a monster appearing you could have rocks or dirt gathering together to form the summoned creature. I think you’re right about fire based spells. Cold and darkness based spells too. Thunderwave would also work. For effect the mage would stomp or strike their staff against the ground. And maybe make spells like stone-skin and stone shape available at a lower level.

    You might want to adapt old favorites. Instead of feather fall the Dwarf mage might have a stone amulet that lets them drop like a rock without damage or have the earth or stone below catch them in a welcoming manner. I think it would be cool to have them fall and describe that the earth or rock ripples like water when they land.Instead of blink there might be a spell that’s the exact opposite that roots the Dwarven mage in place and makes it near impossible to move them.

    If they don’t have access to things like charm and illusion spells you might give them greater resistance to that kind of magic. Basically the magic that they can’t use they also have a limited immunity to. Maybe even give them bonuses in dispelling those types of spells. Dwarven mages might even have better types of mage armor or stone-skin that offers protection from undead, fire, or the cold. Undead are much more effective against creatures made of flesh and blood, not stone.

    You may also want to look at cleric spells like meld into stone and earthquake. And any magic that is involved with crafting objects, especially of metal or stone, would be good as well.

    Hope that’s some help. It’s a really great role play concept. I might steal it for an NPC. Hope it plays out well for you.

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