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    It’s All an Act

    Hi, I would like to start writing articles over several ideas I have over 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Mainly, ways that Dungeon Mater’s can change up their games with reskinned monsters, rewritten monster lores, as well as information of Environments and interesting encounters. Basic crap really. I want to start building a name for myself in the Role Playing community and I think writing helpful articles for Nerdarchy is good place to start. How do I do it? Do I need some trust, sign a form, send a proof of concept article, ect.

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    Don’t know if anyone contacted you but we are always excited to have more writers on board. Our chief editor or assistant editor can speak with you about this in more detail. They will want to get some examples or articles you have already written and other things editors need to see. Email Nerdarchy, nerdarchy@gmail.com, with the articles in an attachment an we will send it off to the correct people and they can get back to you.

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