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    Dear Nerdarchy,
    I been watching your YouTube stuff for about a year now and I am wondering what this Gryphongaff place looks like so far. Is there a players map that we can see?

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    Dave Friant

    All of our Gryphongaff imagery so far is theater of the mind. I guess it’s long over due for us to start drawing it out.

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    If you want to give a description or a rough sketch I can try to draw the area around the town in Hexographer. Hexographer can make it look like the classic Greyhawk campaign maps or the Classic Mystara Known World type maps and or plain black and white and other options. If you like campaign maps on hexes. Also I can Draw the Town in Cityographer. but that takes a while longer to do. It would also be helpful to know what the town and area’s economy is based on, as that effects how the map will be drawn, or rather the terrain effects a towns economy agrarian versus mining or logging versus cottage industries, all are effected by terrain.
    So let me know if you are interested I would be honored to draw it out for you guys.
    Darren Moffett

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