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    Hello! I have been wanting to make an Aboleth the BBEG of my campaign, but I am having some trouble laying its seeds of manipulation. As it stands, the Aboleth has corrupted a large church of Pelor, which is now competing for the (heavily modified) Rod of Seven Parts with the PCs and a mysterious shadow organization with similar goals to Cerberus from the Mass Effect franchise, and I want to try and work him into the political scene, but I need some ideas on what his motives be other than my stock “the Aboleth wants to rip open a portal to Elemental Plane of Water to flood the world and needs the Rod to do that”. The PCs have no knowledge of its existence yet and discount Cerberus only knows that something is wrong. Additionally, I’ve been toying with the idea of having the Aboleth manipulate/mind control some Illithid to distract the PCs and the world by developing a plague or a super weapon that requires the Rod of Seven Parts to assemble, but I remember that Illithid are incredibly intelligent and scary (my PCs flee as soon as they hear the word “Mind Flayer”) so they might be unable to be corrupted.

    For when the PCs finally go on an Underdark adventure, I’ve been having a hard time constructing a good lair for it and I also have little idea on how to run the actual fight since I have been able to uncover little information on the internet, so what would some necessary equipment be to take this guy on, and how will he fend off the PCS?

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