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    Lee Wirthwein

    Hello. I’m having a issue with my friends not getting along when we play, both in character and in real life. In the game they either want to split up from the group or kill each other. When I try to stop them from fighting, they get worse. Anyone have any advice?

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    Mike Gould

    This sounds like you are the common friend of people who are not friends. If this is a common issue, then you may wish to develop a group that includes only those players who can get along, even if it’s a small group.

    The game itself has a built in trust and respect issue, and if your players refuse to trust and respect, then you may need a change of group.

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    Lee Wirthwein

    I forgot to put that they are brother and sister as well. That might be why they fight a lot.

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    Help!! Okay so I have been DMing for several years, usually involving dungeon crawls, and elaborate campaign arcs. So this new campaign takes place on the Isle of Chult in the Forgotten Realms, the only difference in this particular world is that its populated by Minotaurs, my players main hero being a Minotaur himself, my players wanted a hand at helping me build the world they wanted to play in. Very early in the campaign my players stumbled upon a magic satchel that they looted from a Dark Cult Leader, upon opening the satchel revealed that a powerful artifact lay within it.

    Here I should make a small note about my world so that things can be better understood. Chult is possibly one of the most dangerous places in the natural world, an ancient land home to extremely powerful Dinosaurs powerful enough to rival the might of some dragons, some areas are infested with zombie hoards, and in my world a dark cult to the Elder God Hastur dominates the island. Why is this important? Well, as a DM I felt that my party might get absolutely obliterated the second they step off a trail so I found this awesome artifact my Father introduced to me in my youth.

    Enter, the Deck of Many Things. Yes. For those who may not know, or have forgotten about this game destroying relic, this deck appears as a collection of traditional Tarot cards with 22 in total. Each person can use the decks magic three times before it is no longer active for them, drawing a card activates the effect of the card, and things happen. The list of things that happen ranges from pure awesome benefits like gaining a deed to a castle and a fortune, a major magical artifact weapon, to more game halting effects like your soul being banished to the far reaches of infinity, go roll a new character.

    My player has so far survived 10 sessions and only drew from the deck twice, surprisingly saving his life and allowing me the ability to fix certain boss mechanics mid battle while not interfering with my players immersion, while also giving them the ability to have a limited opportunity to access DM powers. This adds a level to the game that almost makes the game feel like everyone is a DM in their own right, and with the decks 55%-chance to draw an effect that will make you re-roll, there is a universal understanding that if you wanted to play god then the player willingly accepts the consequences.

    So what has happened so far, the very first card drawn was the “Key” card, the magic transforms the card into a powerful magical artifact for the player, which granted him a radiant sword of light to slay a powerful undead mage. As his DM, I thought it was awesome and I rolled with it. Second draw happened during another boss fight, this one yielded the “Key” card! Again! and I was like FFFFFFFF-!!! But I am a DM of my word and I allowed him to gain another artifact of power, a sword that transforms him into an elemental monstrosity, gaining a temporary boost to his total HP pool, and some minor AC bonuses, oh and his melee attacks gain Range 8! Now honestly, I like what his character has become. So my player handed the deck off to another party member who I will now call Player A and Player B respectively to avoid confusion. Player B draws a card for himself, after a powerful gnoll/thri-keen/tiefling flesh golem abomination pounces upon him. I waited with bated breath to see what chaos would ensue from the artifact, and player B draws the “Key” card….

    So the campaign is starting to go a little sideways, however I’m not the kind of DM to just say “well your weapons are gone” because, due to the power of Deck of Many things being god-like.

    So what is the problem that I am facing? Well, now that the players are armed to the teeth to handle the destructive environment of ravaging Dinosaurs, Undead horrors, and abberant horrors, what is something that I can do to help balance this out. So far to patch the balancing problems I have had to ramp up the difficulty of the encounters, adding spawn points, extra boss phases, even adding player spells to Non player battles. Could I start introducing higher level content, despite the players only being level 4 currently, their gear helps balance out the level differences.

    I love your youtube channel, any opinions regarding the Deck of Many Things would be appreciated. Any Ideas on how to use it, or informing players of possible problems would I know help me alot.

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