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    Hi I was hoping you could give feedback on this please and if I didn’t provide enough info let me know
    Thanks for your time
    1. Looking for elf fighter/Mage flavor
    2. Didn’t like eldritch knight compared to what I’m looking for but maybe you see something I don’t
    3. I’m basing everything off of 7th level
    Choice 1. high elf
    level 3 fighter(battlemaster)/ wizard 4 evocation
    Stats : I 17 D 17
    Armor 1/2 plate w/shield 19
    Weapon rapier
    Fighter style Duelist +2 damage
    2nd wind, action surge, 3 battlemaster manouvers
    Feat warcaster
    Sculp spells
    Weaker melee 1 attack but better spell progression and options

    Choice 2: 1/2 Elf warlock 7th
    Pact of blade
    Fey pact
    Stat: D 17, CH 18
    Armor Mage armor 16
    Weapon rapier or any other flavor pact blade
    Feat warcaster
    Agonizing blast armor shadows thirst blade sculpt flesh
    Eldritch blast cantrip
    Fey presence misty step
    Better melee but limited spell casting except eldritch blast

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    Errata. Thirst blade at Lvl 5 so 1 attack. Instead it’s eldritch sight

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    Cancel errata it’s actually 2 attacks with thirst blade

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    I think I would still want the Eldritch Knight over both of these.

    You lose 1 2nd level spell per day over the wizard but you get more HP, Weapon Bond, Extra Attack, and War Magic.

    Personally I would say one of the great advantages of the Eldritch Knight is the same advantage that the Wizard has: INT casters can LEARN spells. This would be a DM ruling but being able to add to your spells known by finding them is a huge benefit over CHA casters. Of course if your DM lets sorcerer types have spellbooks (or perish the thought doesnt let mage types add to their spellbooks) then the road becomes a lot more rocky for the mentally adept…

    If you want Half-Plate then I would say to lose the DEX fighter template and go STR fighter. DEX fighters already lose the advantage of every non-finesse weapon, dont eat your own stat bonus on top of that with medium armor. If you can afford Half Plate you can probably afford Full Plate and Shield for 20 with no Dex needed.

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    Yet I won’t get Lvl 3 spells until 13th Lvl for ek compared to Lvl 5 for wizard. That’s 8 lvls difference

    I’ll check on the Dex stR

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    True, but if you are doing multiclass then you would be 10th at that point (8th if you go Wiz5/Ftr3). If the focus is caster skill then nothing is going to beat the straight wizard. Even the warlock at 10 is going to come up short, big spells but only two spell slots per day at 10th. At eleven the fighter is going to get a third attack which puts him ahead of the paladin and ranger. All depends on how you want to split your focus.

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    What about 5 wizard 5 warlock concept to cast spells and cast misty step out of combat but if needed mirror image snd fight with pact blade 2 attacks.

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