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    Last Year on Jan 1st, you all submitted how you would build a mixing classes hero at lvl 10.

    It was said if you had a few more lvls you could expand on your character. So I am wondering what you would do if you had a few levels. I let you decide how many more you would want to do in addition.

    I really look forward to your creative characters as I did with your previous feed.

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    Hi. I was contemplating a Tiefling 5 fighter battlemaster/5 rogue assassin with light crossbows and the crossbow feat. And alertness to go first
    Goal battlemaster with bonus to hit first attack precision. And the rogue backstabbing rule with assassin rule also to hit hard and then have multiple extra shots via crossbow feat and fighter

    5th Lvl wizard 5th Lvl warlock fey blade to fit more of a theme

    I have the wood elf 5 ranger hunter/ 5 rogue assassin for same thing but based on bow and colossal slayer alertness

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