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    Hey Guys, I just started listening to your Videos and I think they are great. Thank you!!

    I just started playing my first 5e game. Been playing 3.5 for quite a while now.

    But I wanted to see how you guys might like the Viability of my Character Idea.

    I started out as a Forest Gnome (illusion cantrip)- Wizard Idea. (though High Elf would work probably better because they get any Cantrip)
    Then I started thinking about back grounds – Story Teller – I mean think about a traveling story teller that can actually put illusions into his story making them even more real.
    Of course then I took this a little further and looking at the other cantrips – Prestidigitation – could be used in many thematic ways to add to a story.

    Then I looked over at the Cleric Cantrips and saw that they had Thurmaturgy – which would be awesome for Telling a Story.

    The Sword Coast book brought in a Domain that gives 2 Extra Cantrips as well.

    So here is when I thought about maybe having a Cleric 1 / Wizard X
    if I’m understanding this correctly – I’ll have 3 Cantrips from Cleric, 1 illusion from Forest Gnome, 3 Cantrips from Wizard, and 2 additional cantrips from the Arcane domain.
    I’m thinking about leveling him as a Conjuration Wizard. I’m not certain what this campaign will cap out at – I think transmutation would be better at high end game – but Conjuration would be pretty good through out the middle levels. Having Medium Armor would be a plus I think.
    I doubt that I will get to level 20 on this character – so the downside is minimal – basically I’ll just be a little slower in getting my biggest spells.

    And the Cantrips that have damage to them will all scale to my Character level – not my class level.

    Thank you – Harkle

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    I did something akind, Bard/Wizard – Teller of Stories of the Heroes of the land.
    I did the 3 bard skills with – flute, oratory (talking), and singing.

    For the cantrips I did: Mage Hand, Minor Illusion, Prestidigitation (Bard)

    I didn’t rely exclusively on magic (cantrip) for my deal, but mixed in skills. I fluffed it as coming to town, clearly making my presence known to all and everybody with the flute and voice, telling them all to meet me at the inn. At key points in the performance I’d throw in an illusion of the monster we slew, sounds or other details.

    I would always have spell slots which I couldn’t fill with any equal levelled spells, but that gave me slots to upgrade lower levels up to.

    I know it’s not entirely what you want to do, but you can take my words and use them as inspiration.

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