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    Dave Friant

    It’s a bit of a catch all, but hey if ain’t a dice game or card game you probably want to talk about it over here.

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    Scott Beccard

    Anyone else gotten into Mice & Mystics? Adorable miniatures and a thrilling adventure, with a campaigns you can get into (plus two more with expansions!). Real light hearted fun.

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    The only board game I own is Risk. I generally don’t play any other board games, aside from the occassional Settlers of Catan. Not from a lack of trying though. I have played plenty of board games in the past, but I haven’t had an actual board game night in about two years now. It’s a shame people don’t have more time for activities like that.

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      Settlers is one of my favorite board games that is really simple to learn. Ted and I played a dice version of it. It was fast but still gave me the Settlers of Catan feel. Here is his review of it–

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        I might have to see if I can pick that up anywhere down here. It’d be great to have a version that’s quick to set up like I imagine that dice version is.

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    Dave Friant

    @epsilon Ted used to do a monthly board game night. Sadly it went the way of the dodo. I did a gaming quick tip for the last news letter on how to use board games for your tabletop RPG games.

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    I’ve never played Settlers of Catan (or, apparently, just called Catan now). I don’t have the most extensive board game library, for two reasons, I can’t afford most of what I want, and I wouldn’t have space to store them if I did. Of course, most aren’t as hard to find shelf space for as my copy of Ogre Designers Edition.

    Some favorites here include:

    Munchkin Quest,
    Battletech (Classic, though all my stuff predates adding the classic to the name),
    Hero Quest,
    and of course the usual mix of Yahtzee, Scrabble, etc.

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    I have little experience with tabletop games, but so far House on Haunted Hill is my favorite. I love the fact that the mansion is procedurally generated using floor tiles and the scenarios are random each time. The possibilities are staggering. The rule set takes a bit to adjust to though. Especially when they change mid game and the haunt begins lol.

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    I really like Arcadia Quest. 🙂

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