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    One of my players is new to D&D and a huge Final Fantasy fan. We were discussing various characters/jobs and what they might be in D&D.

    Later on, out of curiosity I did some searching and, of course, there’s lots of homebrew versions of many of the jobs. My imagination thus inspired, I took a stab at one of them myself: the Blue Mage.

    Since I have a very sporadic group, getting much playtesting done will be a challenge, and in fact there has been zero playtesting of the idea I had. Nevertheless, I threw it up at the DM’s Guild. It is my first foray into creating a character option like this. Here’s a link:

    Blue Magic class option

    I am fully prepared for the gamut of positive and negative feedback. It was an idea I had and who knows? Maybe it is lightning in a bottle or at least with some work could be halfway decent.

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    Do you have the document available in some other format? Some people are hesitant to go thru the checkout process, even if it is for $0.00.

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    I would prefer to share the content through the DM’s Guild. I believe the site is safe and secure, but I understand if someone is uncomfortable with it.

    That aside, I just updated with a revision based on some feedback.

    If it serves to intrigue or entice anyone further, this content is a primal path option for barbarians that allows them to absorb certain monster abilities they are affected by and use them while raging.

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