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    Hi guys,
    My DnD group and I have been playing the Curse of Strahd campaign for the last couple of months. My Warlock character was seduced by the promise of eternal life from Strahd and was unfortunately sucked dry and killed by him at the end of our last session which mean I now need to create a new character to be introduced in the next session.
    I rolled for stats using my DM’s custom rules so I didn’t get to choose where my stats went with the exception of one stat swap. I rolled up Str:13, Dex:15, Con:18, Int:15, Wis:8, Cha:10 (I swapped Dex and Cha already because I’d prefer a higher AC and we already have a Sorcerer and a Paladin with high Charisma and associated skills).
    So with these attributes, and coming in at 5th level I decided to play a Bladesinger but I wonder if it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put one level into Barbarian for extra weapon proficiency and Unarmored Defense? It would mean I won’t get 3rd level spells until next level and in I’d be behind the other spell caster’s (namely the Sorcerer and a Wizard) in terms of magical ability but I feel like the higher AC would be worth it seeing as we very regularly get stuck in nasty combats where our spell caster’s are engaged with enemies and I would like to develop a character that can get into the thick of things and bedazzle his enemies with his agility and speed. On an extra note, I have started writing up my character with this concept (Wiz 4, Barb 1) and have put my stat increases in Str and Dex giving me Str:14, Dex:18, Con:18, Int:16, Wiz:8, Cha:10 which would give me a base AC of 18 and and AC of 21 while Bladesinging with 1st level spell slots available to implement shield.
    What do you guys think about my idea? Should I stick with my Wizard/Barbarian idea or just dedicate all my levels to Wizard?

    TL;DR : I rolled stats (Str:13, Dex:15, Con:18, Int:15,) for a 5th level character and am going to play a Bladesinger; would multiclassing one level into Barbarian for a higher AC be a good idea?

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    Lodewijk Boute


    I don’t see a problem per se with taking one class in Barbarian, but keep in mind that you can not use “Rage” and cast spells at the same time. You will have to choose.
    That said, If you only want Barbarian for it’s Unarmored Defense, well, why not. Also, do not forget that the Bladesinger Wizard only open is for Elves and Half-Elves.
    If your DM allows for one swap, I would recommend swapping CON with INTEL.
    How I would do it is like this:

    If you swap Con with Int your stat array would be like this:
    STR: 13 (+1) / DEX: 15 (+2) / CON: 15 (+2) / INT: 18 (+4) / WIS: 8 (-1) / CHA: 10 (+0)
    I would go with Half-Elf, for it gives you a +2 on Charisma and +1 to two other stats of your choice. Because you go for Barbarian and Dex and Con are important for your Unarmored Defense, I would put my two “+1” in them. Keep in mind that you are primarily a Wizard, so Intelligence should remain the highest stat (your 18 = +4).
    After applying the racial bonuses, the pictures looks like this:
    STR: 13 (+1) / DEX: 16 (+3) / CON: 16 (+3) / INT: 18 (+4) / WIS: 8 (-1) / CHA: 12 (+1)

    Unarmored Defense = 10+Dex+Con (10+3+3=16). If you activate your Bladesong, you add your intelligence modifier to it, with is a +4. => (10+3+3+4=20.)
    Because you start of at level 5, I would put my level 4 +2 in Intelligence => 20 (+5). Thus your AC would become 21 when your Bladesong is active. (10+3+3+5=21).
    Being a Wizard allows you to bring your AC to 26 for one turn thanks to the spell “Shield” and you can replenish some of your spellslots during one short rest thanks to the Wizards “Arcane Recovery” ability.

    Also, thanks to your Bladesong, you would be able to put your +5 modifier of your Intelligence on any CON save when you take damage to keep your concentration on spells, which is very potent!
    And because you are primarily a spellcaster, you would have the most benefit from you 20 Intelligence.
    Remember that with your weapon as a Bladesinger, you can have the “Sword Burst” cantrip, which forces your opponents to make a Dex save against your spellcasting DC, which would be 8+3+5=16 (because your Intelligence would be at 20!). This is the highest DC you could ever hope to obtain as a spellcaster without the aid of magical items.

    To end, if you would take Barbarian to have your pick in the variety of weapons, keep in mind that a Bladesinger can only wield one-handed weapons. Because between Strength and Dexterity, Dex is the highest (16 = +3), you could go with a rapier (1d8+3). You add 2d8 to that damage because you are 5th level and you can use the cantrips “Booming Blade” and “Green-Flame Blade”. So, potentially dealing 3d8+3 damage.
    Because they are cantrips, you can give them this amount of damage EVERY ROUND!

    See what it does and I would say: have fun!

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    Lodewijk Boute

    You could go with Half-Elf both ways: you could go for the classic configuration with the Skill Versatility or you could go with the variant, in which case I would opt for the Half-Moon/Sun-Elf for an extra cantrip, or with the Half-Wood-Elf for either it’s “Fleet of foot” (35 ft walking speed) or it’s “Mask of the Wild” to be able to hide when in a lightly obscured area.

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    Thanks for the help Lodewijk!!!

    Sorry, I wasn’t very clear in my original post; I originally rolled 10 for Dex and 15 for Cha and then swapped those to produce the stat array that I mentioned having. I think maxing Int straight away would be awesome but that would leave me with a lower Dex (Something like 12) and hence reduced physical capabilities which I want to have high and then augment with magic. I will probably stick with the swap I did and simply aim to max Int as soon as I can vis a vie Attribute increases upon leveling up.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to put my first stat bump solely into Intelligence so that my stats will be Str:13(+1), Dex:17(+3), Con:18(+4), Int:18(+4), Wis:8(-1), Cha:10(0)? (This is playing as a High Elf for the +2 Dex, +1 Int and extra cantrip.)
    Otherwise what I was looking at was bumping Strength and Dexterity for my level four attribute increases and then dedicating the next two attribute increases to Intelligence. This would mean I have Str:14(+1), Dex:18(+4), Con:18(+4), Int:16(+3), Wis:8(-1), Cha:10(0) at level five and will have max Intelligence by level thirteen.

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    I didn’t know about the Half-Elf Variant rule. I will look into in but my DM may not want to let me use that as he is bored of Half-Elves (we have had two in this campaign already and he needs variety or he gets bored and feels like the game play is getting stale).

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    Lodewijk Boute

    Glad that I could help! 😉

    Okay, now I see were you are going. Indeed, having better STR and DEX would be helpful.
    I can also understand the “need” from your DM to have some variety in his races. That’s more than fair enough.

    One thing, though. Curse of Strahd is designed to go to level 10 only. If your DM allows you to go higher, he will have to upgrade Strahd also, or else, your battle with him will be easy and a bit anti-climactic… Maybe not that bad, in retrospect. J

    As always: Have fun !

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